Love Nikki Competition Episode #5: Supergirl + COUPON FOR STAMINA AND GOLD AND A TICKET!!

hi guys so this is me um why am i
showing my face well I always wanted to do it but I never had the balls to just
because the YouTube community can be a little harsh sometimes and I thought
that I wouldn’t be able to handle the criticism but I decided that yesterday
night when I was sleeping that I was gonna do it and the way I can avoid that
is to roast myself first so that when you guys come and then decide that you
want to say something mean can’t because I already said it to myself so doesn’t
mean anything so the top two things that I know people roast me on like just just
for my friends in yes in general because I know myself right is that yes look at
my gigantic forehead can you see it yeah so there’s my forehead right right there
yeah and I know that it’s a five head because it’s bigger than a four head and
that sometimes planes use it as a runway to take off and then number two my
eyebrows my eyebrows are here they look like minus signs but it’s something I
like and I think that it suits my face a lot so I’m gonna just stay with that and
I’ve been seeing with that for like a few years now I think I added a little
bit of like a hook a few months ago and I think I like it but if you look at me
and like these angles yeah it looks like a little line so I’m aware and anything
else I’m not gonna say it because I’m just gonna wait for you guys to say it
and oh yeah I like I like sitting like this a lot well I mean these are my
pajamas I didn’t think that I would dress up for this because nobody cares
95 no 90 yeah 95% of my viewers are girls and yeah I’m not trying to impress
anybody but one viewer one gear out of the two months that one one and a half
months I’ve been making videos so I asked to see my face and I’m like
alright let’s do it finally someone asks oh I have like a
nice used to do it and yeah I thought it would be weird if I just did it suddenly
but there you go and two things today so I’m going to talk about Supergirl and
then I’m also going to talk about the time what is it called the coupon so the
coupon oh yeah this is my flan and this yeah I’m going to talk about the coupon
I’m gonna post it like right there there there anywhere and you can get fifteen
thousand gold fifty stem it’s just in that number of stamina and no a
perpetual wish coupon it’s not for the mystery house it’s actually for the go
home thing so I saved it for you guys because you guys might not know how to
use it and just go here because you see the little one on the bottom with the
chairs and stuff on the dining table bottom left and you can just press wish
once okay well this is my free wish so and then you can just do wish once I
know it’s past forty diamonds but you can use it and it’s a wish ticket
oh but yeah that’s how you get it I think it’s at the mother’s day coupon
and it expires on May 20th so use it fast before it expires because free
coins and salmon is always a good thing and save your stamina because there
might be a statment event soon might be and then let’s go back to the
competition so this is my entry I thought it would be like a Supergirl
where they polarize towards the event suits because it’s like a superstar
Supergirl thing but people ended up going with this and yeah like I agree I
like this a lot more it makes my sense and it would mean that the Wuan suits
are good and oh it looks like Sailor Moon what is Sailor Moon and tree do
whoa okay I’m gonna copy her Lilliana sailor girl
white oh wait what now I’m not gonna get it so this is what people are voting for
now it’s a these people aren’t even trying
they just have Lucia and okay whatever I think my entry is pretty solid
so am I gonna change anything I like the hair though but people tend to like
blonde hair a lot more like they vote for blonde hair a lot more mmm I actually love this hair so much though
but this might be my practical okay so I’ll take away the song stream I didn’t
even see it in there where is it sound-up stream it would be in
accessories and it would be okay I think I’ll give it a go okay so I’m gonna come back in 15
minutes and we’ll see how I did because like before I did it and I got like 30%
and that’s not good squat you mean like like you know 1% or a ranking or a
number score to get a good sport so that’s what I think I’ll do and yeah
I’ll tune in later okay so I figured out that it’s not more of Angela’s dream and
whatnot I found more success with Lucia well I don’t have this year but I’ve
seen that like she is more successful and just the ruined suits for employed
singer because if you can see here I actually managed to hit 10% but
obviously I’m gonna try to go lower I just wanted to show you guys that after
many times of just doing different variations of Angela’s suit it didn’t
work out and the second I tried this one it works so this is nice um so avoid
singer and this yeah Lucia is something you can still crash but I don’t want to
mend crafting if you don’t need it because you need diamonds for and it’s
actually quite a lot of diamonds to finish the whole suit and yeah so I also
find that Cosmo tide if you can put in anything related to Cosmo tide like the
arm so let me should let me show you over yes so a shift in time so this
would be nice obviously it doesn’t look good in this
because she just looks like she’s missing an arm but I think that Cosmo
tide is pretty good and Lucia and this one so I’ve also seen the other version
of the void singer that would be me second up Cosmo sound and yeah so
apparently this looks like a super girl I guess you could use her dress and her
shoes in her pose but I wouldn’t suggest you to use her headphones hair I would
say let’s go back yeah so this one this hair would be from the ultimate race if
you were here for its wild dancing and this works about with the Lucia suits I
don’t know how this got there and yeah I don’t know how this got there either it
seems like I’m not really understanding this competition but again you see a lot
of this yeah and yeah this one was from more of okay so let’s go back to here or
I’m ruined that set I think is okay because it’s kind of ruined related and
I was going to say one more thing regarding makeup so I see that generally
if you’re not going to use the Lucia makeup then you use the super girl a
superstar makeup that we got from the set it seems to work like and just go
for it I don’t care and yet so this all works and the wings from this here works
seven like 50 times Lucia is if you have it congratulations
and the Momo’s adventure thing it really works well because the color the yellow
tone is the same so she has different parts of Momo’s adventure and this year
here and I think it’s fantastic like it she does look like a super girl and
things you can put in the back is the Cosmo tide blows Crescent thing and you
can also put the Stars so it would be I can’t show you any harm but the stars on
the ground and that was from one of the recharge sets from a while ago so I
don’t know if this was helpful this time because it was so early in I wanted to
try to put it earlier in the competition so you guys had more times
figure out what you want to do but even I don’t know what I want to do so maybe
I’ll just update the comment section with different variations that you can
do at the end because you know what like this is just the first like ten five ish
hours of the competition and it’s it’s been changing pretty rapidly because if
anything I can go into a totally different direction where we’re not even
doing any of the woman suits anymore you never know like it just changes so I
hope that this was helpful when in doubt just put on like a complete set so what
what would be helpful is that you go come let’s just go here and remove so
you go to suit and then let’s say you have you really want to do an jacket
because you finish that I know it’s Angelica but it says Angela here so you
put on this and then because usually suits like full suits like this don’t
work well you just change it around so we’ve changed a hair into something else
that you think would look good I’ve seen this he’ll work fairly well in this one
for some reason I hate this hair I’m just the heater you can’t change any of
the body part so I would recommend you to go to the makeup change it into
something so maybe you could do this it’s not that do this because this is
popular and if you don’t have that makeup ah
this one this one like this one you get from completing a chapter suit and okay
before we go anywhere I just want to say these makeup this makeup is super cute
but I just want to hate on this particular makeup where is it it’s a
round of nervous nervous fucking hate this it’s so ugly okay so let’s say you
decide to go with this makeup so what else can you change you go to
accessories and then you can change her like headband thing if you want to
change it to something else like I don’t know you would want to change it to I
was thinking about the Hollis scope one so this could be pretty lit and then uh
but see is a background that we can change the ground in
– no I think this is fine I was talking about this star stage by the way and
then I see the shape like the bunny mobile behind it it works pretty well
but you can change it up put mm-hmm I’ve seen this work but doesn’t look really
nice with this so it’s I’m just gonna stick with that and then let’s do
foreground so foreground would look good with let’s just say this so this would
be a enough fit and it was really easy to inflate because you have already had
a base and you’re just changing it up to make it a little more creative so that’s
what I usually do and yeah so you don’t necessarily need a start from scratch
just start from a template I think I actually might use this one
Whoopi I might use this one and then like we can just start with the template
that’s what I started with and then I changed the hair and I changed the bow
and yeah so if you like my stuff just like and comment and subscribe I really
appreciate that and I hope I helped you later

39 Replies to “Love Nikki Competition Episode #5: Supergirl + COUPON FOR STAMINA AND GOLD AND A TICKET!!”

  1. im so disappointed in the supergirl dress ups rn! i expected an actual DC super girl. i tried but it honestly doesnt seem to have any classic super hero clothing 😂😢 and i dont have anything that looks like the top ranked lol

  2. hi guys… this is ME… and i am a lil cinnabunpotato… lolll idk ><
    BUT THEM PJ'S!!! Need them pants>< lol for some reason i have a normal shirt of pjs but my pants are wacky^^

  3. For me I dislike the Sapphire makeup, it looks so weird and creepy to me 😅Also, you are so pretty!!! We can't change what other people think, but learn to love yourself ^_^ and you are gorgerous in my opinion. Despite being critized before, you have the courage to show us your natural self, not dressing up to impress people, and that's so brave. I don't think I have the gut to do that.

  4. You are beautiful and cute and smart I mean Roasting yourself before others do man your a genius!!!!!!!!! Anyways I never thought you looked like this anyways thanks for the vid!!!

  5. You're really pretty 🙂 At the start of the comp, I made a suit that got into top three percent, but then I resetted it. T-T i regret my desicion.

  6. Hi! New Subscriber :3 awww, don't worry, you look awesome in pajamas 😉 I love kigurimis :3 Oh! And the coupon you were talking about, it's called redeem code…I think that what you were referring n.n

  7. YES BITCHES FINALLY TOP 1% I'M SO HAPPY BTw I was looking at the top 20 and one of the user's bame was 'exoarmyl' I'm siLENTLY SCREAMING

  8. UPDATE: SOOOO I resubmitted this outfit 5x and it finally worked. Probably will drop, but hoping for the best. Basically it's the superstar hair we got from recharge set, plus most of the free honey suit set, and parts of the nebula echo.

  9. You are gorgeous❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. You are super pretty:) Don’t event listen to what other people tell you . Just forget about them.

    Since I always screen shot my competition about one before ending I just looked and I ended in 4% with the Aneglica's special pose outfit and the Overclocked Matrix . Only Lucia item I used was the wings. The rest I used most from the Concert hell event:)

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