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and I’ll appreciate you guys a lot for doing so welcome back guys and today
we’re going to be talking about a new stamina event that’s coming through our
server so this is a shadow fiend and again it’s a whatever suit but one thing
I do like about it is that it has crazy wings I love the hair color tawny
because there’s like a little silver there’s pink there’s like a blue
undertone if we look at the coat in more detail yeah it’s really intricate
regarding transparency so good news to you all is that even if you are a v-0
player who has not been been saving up stamina you want to be fine in this
event because you’ll be able to get this suit for free but before I dive into
that let’s just go look at the announcements and us talk more about a
possible futures to have an event coming because this might be a trap event here
we see that it’s Twilight shadow and it’s a welfare event in celebration of
International Workers day and you can get this suit for free before nightfall
a little info sneaked into the mortal world be careful she’s a prankster and I
don’t like that because it’s just like imagine there’s like a double meaning
there and this might be a prank there might be something else there might be
another event we’ll see for this entire event it’s going to spend nine days and
you’ll be able to get the suit for free I don’t know why stamina packs are
offered anyways because yes if you don’t work hard I guess you won’t be able to
get the suit for free but it also might be the fact that we might have another
salmon event coming but Before we jump ahead of ourselves
well Dominator over here she has written about what we need for the entire event
so this event has come to the Chinese server I believe in the past so that’s
why we know about the cost thirty you’re going to require around either 2000 to
3500 stamina obviously if you do princess stages it’s going to be more
stamina because every princess stage requires six per stage rather than for
stamina per stage and made it the reason why you guys can get it for free over
the course of this event is because you can generate 5,000 stamina over the
course of nine days and 19 hours and this event is only going to cost around
like 3500 at most and let’s say you’re lazy for a day then you’re going to need
like four thousand stamina you’re going to be
fine and I doubt you’d need to spend anything on the packs unless you’re
really new to the game and you just started like three days after the event
started anyways your girl over here I’m really happy that there’s a stamina
events because if you look carefully I don’t have 1,770 stamina actually have
eleven thousand seven hundred semi semi and I already he was like two thousand
because I was doing something else but I’m finally excited because that means I
can get a lot of these suits for free now there is a warning and this is a
warning from Gary black he or she said that if you want the suits from the
recent Japan server stamina event be careful wasting your stamina on this if
you’ve been saving up the Japan event will cost three thousand and eight
hundred stamina for one suit in around eight thousand six hundred for both so
be careful because this might be a truck event there’s some nice items in this
suit but if you look at the Japanese event girl those suits are so nice okay
so let’s look at it this is the Japanese event suit and I’m stunned like
everything here the background items the hair if the fact that’s like a cloud
suit and the dresses are beautiful and there’s poses for both of them and I
think there’s also makeups for both of them as well this is the one in the red
and you can see that very intricate and key tail and to me it’s a lot prettier
than the one that we have right now that you can possibly get for free so this is
a second one and I like this one infinitely times more and the fact that
I can possibly get these two suits for free because I have like eleven thousand
stamina I’m stoked like I’ve been waiting so long for this the other
possible that we could have is the okk event and that’s the one where you have
hellish blue and the other one I can’t really remember the reason why you
should be careful about saving your stamina is because these events if they
come they come in like a group I haven’t seen a service for more than half a year
and that was right after having three back to back to back stamina events so
the fact that we are starting to get one again means that we might have more down
the road so you have to be careful you have to save your stamina best things to
do is to go to the competition get your competition boxes go to the started
corridor start voting and just save stamina this is what you have to keep in
mind of it might be a trap and if you still want to complete this suit anyways
because you actually don’t like traditional Chinese clothing or
traditional Asian clothing so you can just go ahead and do this
because again in the wings and the hair it’s pretty nice but if you are looking
for it to even completing one of these suits from the Japanese event that might
possibly come then I think that it’s best for you to skip this one because
again you can get 5,000 stamina just from regeneration in the nine days that
this event is going on you get 5,000 fam’ly you can at least get one of these
suits and possibly the second suit because remember these events span for a
long time right so you might be able to get these two suits for free depending
on how you play your cards one last thing after this famine event you might
have a third famine event because this is how love nicky gets us to use money
because they know that we have people saving stamina I can survive one salmon
event I can survive two but a third one I’d be screwed so remember to think
about all the suits you want and by the way we might not be right right like
they might not give us a stamina event after this but judging from their past
behavior it’s kind of likely that they would but if they don’t don’t come for
me or don’t come from any of the people that I showed in the video because we
don’t we can’t predict what they do but this is just for you guys to be safe and
to know what’s up so if you like my content to remember to Like comment and
subscribe tell me what you guys think or what you guys will predict will happen
in the future regarding the salmon events I would love to hear them in the
comments below I’ll catch you guys later

100 Replies to “Love Nikki – FINALLY A STAMINA EVENT! BUT IS IT A TRAP????!”

  1. I spend my stamina every day on crafting lifetime suit Even if I start right now I won't be able to save enough for that Japanese event 😢

  2. Effie, out of topic but, is it possible to get the mermaid suit in third note in mermaid event comeback? If everyone got the angel as the third note, I dont want to spend my dias but ı want the mermaid SO BAD!

  3. Stamina Events Tips & Faq

    -Will Yokai World will Return Then?

    Yes, It will, As Crafting Sets.

    -Does Twilight Shadow Comes with Background?

    No, it Doesn't.


    From 5/1 – 5/10 Considere these Facts:

    Average Player Has 85-95 Stamina, Let's Take the Examplw of 90.

    We Receive 36 from Daily Quest (Add 6 If Sharing 3 Times)

    If we Have Time, We can do the "Stamina Time", From 7 Days, (Not Counting Weekend) That Means 90 x 7 = 630 Stamina (90 If Doing all, If Not Doing It on Certain Times, Remove 30, or 60) + Weekends, Which are 120 Stamina 5/4 – 5/5, so. 630 + 240 (120 x 2) = 750, + Daily Quests (252 Stamina) (36 x 7) = 1,875| At Last, We Are Going to Add The Login Stamina Recharge (You need to Make Sure, If Fills Up Completly), So, We Take Our Example, 90 Stamina we Have, (90 x 10 = 900) So.

    1,875 + 900 = 2,775 Stamina we Get for The Event. With the Example.

    In Any Case Of Yokai World Returning, Quick Guide

    Starcoins (Pragya Princess) : 21

    Starcoins (Heilish Bloom) : 48

    (Pragya Princess's Pose is Craftable, But Hellish Bloom Doesn't)

    I'll Update the Comment With More Stuff about the Event, so, Stay Tuned.

  4. Oh no. If Yokai World comes back I can say goodbye to my stamina. That was the first event suits I really, really liked since I started playing, but I didn't get it because I thought stamina events were really common, so I saved to see if I'd like the next stamina event suits better…

  5. Imma skip this. I really need stamina for White Blossom and I'm not down to stop hoarding for the needed parts for 10 days to get a suit that lowkey looks messy and will probably come back for gold and princess drops >:(

  6. Stamina pack might be for us international player who sleeps during the 60 stamina pick up time. Because we have work and can't wake up in the middle of the night to pick them up.

  7. Ive got this on CN server and daily stamina regeneration was enough to finish it a bit sooner also from the event's due.

  8. I’ve been saving my stamina since hell bloom so I’m ready! Thank god I haven’t been saving for nothing😂

  9. I absolutely am so happyyyyyy oml yea the Japanese suits are super prettyyy. Either way, I’ll try to get all because I have 16k I think so yayyy

  10. I HATE to ask this BUT… Effie, would you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, explained to us (once again) all the DAILY tricks we can do to gain Stamina?!! I ask because in the other vid you go so fast that my 67 year old ears and brain can’t keep up. You spoke much slower in this one and I want you to know how much I APPRECIATE YOU for that. Thank you!! Love you vids, check EVERYDAY to see if you post!! Can’t do this without YOU!!!

  11. I would want just the wings and horns, maybe the hair too. I did have TONS of stamina before I started crafting for Winter Blossom. 😭 I saw Iri's video on this suit, and she said that it'll come back for crafting, no diamonds required! So I can deal with just getting the wings, horns, and hair! 👌 And omfg those Cloud suits. I'm in love, they're gorgeous! Hopefully, your prediction won't come true, that they won't come right after this stamina event. 😅

  12. I honestly love Kimonos 👘👀👀👀👀👀👀 so I might skip or try a bit, I like the horns on this Outfit and wings o:

  13. NOTE when twilight shadow returns for crafting, there will be no diamonds required. Only Gold and Maiden drops. So, saving your stamina from this event can benefit you for future stamina suits if this is indeed a trap.

  14. Ah and I just used most of my stamina.. I just really like the wings tho. btw love your channel Effie!💕

  15. I don’t care about the expensive stamina, but I love the demon one so… IM GETTING WINGS (plus I have like 8000)

  16. Is anyone else still working through the new chapters? Like, I guess I won't be finishing thoes anytime soon cause I gotta save stamina now. However, I really like the suits you can get, and I'm excited about these events.

  17. I'm V2 but it's like I'm V0 'cause I'm not gonna be recharging again. And I save diamonds crafting easy suits. Plus I'm a crafting Icewind Warchant and I have only a little bit left. But if I wanna save it's a good start (kind of) 'cause I have about 800❤️ from the he'll event. What should do?

  18. it's been suspiciously long since we had a stam event, so i reckon you're right 😡 i might just snatch the wings and boots and then sit the rest of it out. apparently it comes back for crafting and doesn't cost any dias, so that's great.

  19. IT’S A TRAP. IT IS A TRAP. there is noooo way we’re getting a free suit during a 9 day event. There is something else going, literally. They’re going to give us a second event because that’s how they like to get our monies lol save your stamina, diamonds, and money! Because there is a storm coming.

  20. Hi, master hoarder here. 22k stamina saved. I'd have closer to 25-30k if I was only doing maiden stages but I've been trying to catch up on princess stage suits :<

  21. i only want the horns, wings, tail, and hair so.. idk if i'm screwed or not. idk if it's a pick and choose or not so :,) me and my 200+ stamina are yelling.

  22. I have about 11k stamina, should I skip this event or not? I was saving up for the event with the boy suit… I hope I can just get the wings and horns, that’s all I really want from this suit XD

  23. Here's my 2 cents on Hellish Bloom: I think when it returns it will return for crafting not as a stamina event again, and here's my reason: if you go to the wardrobe and click on tools, you'll see you have currency for the things that will return as events again. There are no demon souls saved in the tools. Hence it probably won't return as a event. But I might be wrong.

  24. I have 6k stamina which is so nice. I do want the wings for this hell event bc I only have like, one pair of devil wings. But whenever that cloud event comes to the western servers, I'll be ready lmao

  25. Thank you, but nah, i have been saving for this stermina thing and i will get everyting, even if they throw 3 at me lol

  26. 2:59 If anyone wants that link to the suits.

  27. It is probably a trap. The suit clearly isn't a main event since there is no preview by lovenikki

  28. I want more horror and goth and colored hair so I’ll likely get a his. I agree the suit is kind of meh. I really see some questions from devs via the group that are clearly seeing what we will dole out cash to receive. Nation queries, pricing thing insanely to see who still pays etc. anyway I love your efforts and appreciate them. If it’s this then Yokai I am screwed.

  29. i don't know what to do….i always say i want to save up stamina but i haven't finished all the chapters yet…i'm on chapter 15 …so do i need to save up stamina or finish the chapters so i can at least get some diamonds ? :/

  30. I am here for those fantastic Japanese suits. I've got so much stamina but I think I'll try to save and generate more.

  31. Im happy that i saved those 900 stamina in a nap house for a special event :∆∆∆

  32. Guess I'll skip this one, if only because I'm a ding dong and don't know where to click to start lol.

  33. I have 12k stamina I'm so hyped, I got the horns and wings from this suit, I can pass <3

  34. Why is nobody talking about the little blond girl that appears and asks for your resources??! I’m trying to find answers before I give them or not.

    Here’s exactly what she says: “The story of imp is interesting. I want to do the research. Can you give me 44 Twlight Spar? Let me prove that the imp is looking at you.”

    And then there are buttons that say “Refuse Her” and “Give Her” underneath. I myself have only just begun and I only have 23 Twilight Spar, so maybe I’ll try accepting to see what happens.

  35. I’m actually kind of glad that this suit doesn’t have a pose given upon completion bc then I don’t have to pressure myself trying to get every item. I wish it had a makeup tho :’(

  36. Wasted around 2500 stamina for this I also love how you sell some crystals to that girl and she gives you diamonds! Btw how much stamina you need for a stamina hell event?

  37. I might just get this suit bc I’ll be taking a break from LN for exam season — so it’s unlikely I’ll be there for when/if we get that JP event ;V;

  38. I don't understand why this little girl asks for these stones 🙁 can someone explain please ?

  39. What about the chick that pops up every time I get any twilight crystals and wants me to give them to her? WTH! Is it so once we get the pieces we want we can trade them for something useful? I hate that every time I tell her "no" she looks like she's mad at me!

  40. I love this suit tbh, I'm such a sucker for monsters and goth aesthetics, sooo yeah, my stamina's going out the window faster than a bullet train for this bad binch >83c

  41. I had 23k stam saved and am now down to 19.9k stam saved. Granted i also did some exchanges and got some nice dias!

  42. I was lucky to get the whole outfit and not spend any diamonds because I spent a loonnnng time gathering stamina. It cost me like almost 2600 stamina.

  43. How do you get 5k stamina just with regeneration?? I made some calculations and they're not even close 😅 maybe I'm missing something

  44. I saved 30k stamina. I don't care at all lol. But I hate the suit, is awful. I'm doing the event for the free diamonds.

  45. I just got the Horns and the Wings, in 2 Days 🥰 but idk if i should get the cardigan…what do you say guys?

  46. thanks but now I'm suffering from stam loss in food fantasy because I need to collect ducks for skins

  47. Just a small hack for anyone participating in any Stamina Events:

    If you are planning on participating buy the more expensive parts first before you prioritize the cheaper items. (Ex: Earrings, bracelets, etc) Sometimes Elex likes to put these suits in the story later on so you can expect those and if it does happen than if you buy the more expensive items first you won’t need to spends thousands of coins or hundreds of diamonds for one piece on the long run. If they don’t end up selling the suit pieces though at least you have something cool to wear ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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