Love Nikki – YOKKAI GAMEPLAY [Demon Souls Pack and Stamina Packs – Is it worth ?]

hi guys so today I am going to talk about whether some of the packs you see are worth it or not and if you look over here you have a bunch of new limited packs honestly I personally think that they’re not really worth it okay so for $6.99 and 39 it’s 550 diamonds and 260 diamonds that’s around 405 diamonds for for something that’s about nine dollars very very roughly for 9/10 dollars it’s four hundred VIP which is a little less than what you would get if you kind of bought it for under $99.99 drah Demon Souls – 400 diamonds it’s up to you if you guys want to buy I like I personally never buy this stuff but if you really really really want this but you don’t have the diamonds to get it then whatever just by all means go for it and for these 10 lucky bonus around I think this is so stupid because I’ve never ever ever saw a difference between princess drops that were double the drops or just normal because I could have the cut princess drop times two and that still get zero princess drop so I’m like by it’s a waste of my cane and I can’t even physically see that they increase the drops by two as for the same in a pack and then the calculation is in the past before but there’s no discount on it it’s just like before $7.99 the stamina like the individual stamina are almost like the exact same as the stamina pack for the small ones so you can get small medium large without being afraid that you lost out on something as for the princess drops one more thing about that I find it incredibly sneak how they would do that because you don’t want to use your stamina on princess stages because they do caustic stamina compared to a maiden stage which costs for stamina and within the three princess stages you have the same amount of drop rates compared to the maiden chapters for this one you only get this dinner and you don’t get the VIP a exp and to put this indictment terms or money terms $7.99 would appear on like 800 diamonds and 800 diamonds with the approximately $13.99 to $27.99 so it’s probably around $17 it’s up to you if you want to spend $17 on stamina and like coins and stuff our first thing don’t think it’s worth it but like whatever it is just my eyes thought you can take it with a grain of salt and this one it’s just like if you don’t want to spend real life money like you’re a v-0 than you would buy this also we have a new time limited quests left 30 stamina for me and let’s just use it now so what I tend to do to make the most out of my situation is to usually find an outfit that I can use made and drops for but right now I can’t really find anything and I’m kind of on a time crunch because I need go to school like ASAP and we’re just gonna go to meet in chapters 8 7 over here rather than 8 5 over here because I don’t need the branches anymore I need I already have a lot of branches because these are for no these are five hard items but I need a for her item because I want the necklaces and I feel really bad for people who are v-0 and then they have a bunch of stamina saved up but then they have to do dumb one then one done one Wow that was satisfying and I got all the stamina and I was like a divisible number by four cool so let’s look a youkai and see how many things I got and by the way you can just share this we can get 20 demon souls so that’s really good because every stage will give you one minimum so for you to reach 20 demon souls the minimum amount of maiden chapters you need to do is 20 so 20 times 4 that’s around 80 salmon over there and let’s look at the reward whoo that’s a lot I wish I could just claim all of them at once oh girl I don’t have time for this poof that hair I love the blue things that came with it it’s a little element on her head okay cool cool cool that took that that actually choose me because it took a while let me see if I can just finish this up and I got nothing okay I think that was pretty successful for the first one I got almost a thousand little demon souls from 1900 stamina and yeah you need around ten thousand stamina to complete this entire thing and apparently you regenerate I think it was around three thousand stamina throughout this whole competition good luck to you guys and I’ll keep you guys updated on this one I’ll see you guys later and good luck in this event what

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  1. I don't want these suits that much, but My ImPulSiVe bEhaVioR makes me feel like I do. I feel like I should spend my money on this event, but I know I don't want to.

  2. I spent all my stamina and also all my diamonds to get stamina packs… probably not the best decision to make, but for some reason i just went for it :'-)

  3. With the new 2-4 ratio of currency on princess i tried my luck there, and i think i got more 4's there than 3's on the maiden chapters i did. Maybe i just have more luck on princess levels, but I'm gonna wait till some more people fill the forms to see if i should do more princess or maiden chapters in the next couple of days :/

  4. I didn't save too much stamina but yeah the done 1 is so annoying -.-
    Also princess level give you 2-4 currency compared to maiden levels that only drop 1-3. So I think it doesn't matter. I'll still play princess levels 🙂

  5. Do you maybe get more of the demon souls in princess ? (because I haven't got like one soul in a try in princess )

    I am sorry for any spelling / grammatical mistakes I made but I am really tired

    omg all of this unnecessary information

    anyways I luv your videos

    ヾ( ̄▽ ̄)Bye~

  6. I skip this event. It's ridiculously overprized just like the last three events. A year ago I could reach all the suits with saving diamonds and dedication, nowadays it's sooo real life money expeensive :/
    I stopped spending money on Nikki altogether..

  7. I’ve been playing since last year ofJune. I do fine with princess drops. Or what I mean is yeah I get awful drops at times but hey I still finish the outfit in the end. No way my money will go towards the boxes. I’d rather take the money and spend them on recharge outfits:)

  8. I uploaded Pt.1 and Final Pt.2 of me playing the Yokai event if you wanna Watch:)

    I opened all of my 6k competition box yesterday and got I believe about 400 or 500 stamina and I believe at least 600 gems.

    I told myself that I was going to wait until the last day to spend gems. However I became impatient and went ahead and bought the 799 stamina pack. Though only reason why I was ok with doing this is because I knew in the end I was going to come up short so for now I’m only buying that box until last day to see how much more I might need.

  9. So so far I’ve spent 5,607 stamina and some more and that got me all together up to 2,970. I just need 30 more for the hair.

    Jesus man all that stamina>_< Stamina event’s are sooo stressful. Last one I participated in a heavy stamina event was last year for Tengu. So I guess once a year it’s ok to go under stress for one week for a stamina heavy event LOL.

    Oh I also read that with regeneration and the other stamina you claim when reset happens is more like 3.5k stamina:)

  10. I know I shouldn't but I am doing princess just because I'm not done with the story yet and I need the drops. I know I can just wait but I rather spend a few more diamonds and get 2 things done at once.

  11. And the "Lucky Bonus" thingy, doubles the drop you get(2 items when you get one), instead of the chance. And they only got consumed when you get the drop, i don't thinks it's THAT useless. Thank you for the vid <3

  12. Yeah I'm going for both outfits. I'm actually using an event calendar to keep me from overspending on diamonds. Today I finished the first outfit and some of the second (at 2706 right now) and I finished Moon Chaser which I was saving to craft for this event. Unfortunately I was half asleep and getting ready for work when I picked my second outfit to work on crafting and forgot to check if the outfit had diamond purchases in the store or not and it does. So I'll finish the pieces that don't require diamonds and move on to an outfit that doesn't require diamonds.

  13. On Facebook they said that Princess will have a higher drop rate. I hope so. Oh the nightmare of done one. Have a wonderful day at school ♥

  14. Sick and tired of this overpriced suits -_ This is even the first time I skip an event! The only thing I wanted was the makeup but of course you have to get the ugly suit

  15. I GOT BOTH SUIT'S 😀 i am so happy how are you and do you like this event or do you think this in't fair for V zero player's ?

  16. This is gonna be the first stamina event I'll ever complete, been playing for 9 months but never liked the suits except these

  17. Actually, to do princess stages you get 2 to 4 event currency, if you do maiden stages you get 1 to 3 event currency. I did some experiment, like… I used 36 stamina on princess levels (so, 6 stages) and 36 stamina on maiden levels (9 stages). And I actually got MORE on the princess stages, even if I did less stages. I get 4 flames (or whatever they are called) A LOT, while on maiden I always get 1 or 2… IDK, maybe I'm just lucky.

  18. Hey so I have decided to get the first suit only because I like it more then the second one it's just my opinion and by the way I will send you the footage when I'm done I think I will get it in the last day 😘

  19. Hi Effie! I love the second suit, but it's so expensive, i'm gonna pass this time:( This is really unfair for V0 players like I cant spent my money in a game, as an future accountant thats just embarrassing! Hahaha Anyway, is a shame but atleast I'm trying to get the first suit:) Have a nice day Effie! <3

  20. Either skipping or only compelting the first one. Do NOT like the suits but the rewards tho…I'm weak for diamonds.

    I am blessed I think I can resist temptation on this – not the recharge tho those are gorgeous but I'm broke!

    Keep Up The Good Work~!

  21. I've (sadly) accepted there is no way I'm gonna be able to get the second suit. sigh if I can manage to get the first suit finished, I'm just going to save my stamina for the next event.

  22. It is usually not a very detailed suit in stamina events. These suits are incredibly detailed. I personally don't like blood and creepy one- eyed umbrellas XD. (Foegive me for the negativity. There is nothing wrong with liking one-eyed umbrellas.) Aside from that the suits are pretty. ITS A LITTLE ALMOND. 4:35 XD luv you effie!

  23. Hiii I had like 2.4k saved up, and got the makeup of the first suit, which I love, it’s so pretty, it’s a nice soft makeup. I did a couple of Princess chapters to see and you get 2-4 demon souls instead of the 1-3 for Maiden, still more worth it to me to do mostly Maiden, though I'll still work on getting a couple of Princess drops here and there, that should balance it out. I'm working on Snow Queen, didn’t realise that most of her parts didn’t cost dias. I should be able to finish the first suit and get some pieces of the other one, depending on how far I get by the end of the event, I might either try for the bloody makeup or try to finish it, but only if either doesn’t end up seriously cutting into my hell event fund.

  24. I hate how LN don't give us time but at the same time i want the event to come fast also effie some FB user wrote that after this stamina event there is going to be a male cloud suit stamina event but im not exactly sure……. but imma still save up some stamina when the events ends just to make sure

  25. I'm not sure whether somebody already commented this, but there is actually a drop rate difference between princess chapters (chance of getting 2-4 currencies) and maiden chapters (chance of getting 1-3 currencies) ♡

  26. According to sailordrew’s vid princess levels have a 2-4 drop rate while maiden is 1-3 so it doesn’t matter whether you do princess or maiden. Also, double drop rates apply to event currency too! 😊 Good luck with the event! If I finish one suit I’ll be happy 😅😅😭

  27. I saved up 3500+ stamina for the purpose of stamina events, only to find out that after using all of it, I only got 2000 demon souls. Oof, someone save me, my allowance isn't enough to support these ridiculous events

  28. UGH. I barely have any time to watch your videos now because of school T-T

    Currently at 520 Demon Souls. I'm aiming to finish the first set and maybe get some of the second, but no way I'm finishing it.

  29. I have 2.5k stamina currently saved up (I bought a stamina pack because why not), and just have 200+ demon souls. This event is literally too much expense to handle and expensive. Like 10.k stamina is is too much to reach for two suits. Either having to go for the first suit and be done from there or skip the event and save up dias, stamina and gold.
    From rumors what I heard there could be a hell event coming up, I'm not sure which one tho.
    Rip stamina! TTwTTw

  30. I need to put my Stars Sea on hold and hoard my stamina for that Miku stamina event.
    And there are 2 other stamina events the JP server already has, and I LOVE the suits.

  31. I don't have enough stamina cuz I clearly just learned the trick y'all do not so long ago. I just decided to get the first suit and recollect my stamina instead. I'm not about that money life.

  32. Princess Levels actually get you more Demon Souls than Maiden ones. I know, that's sneaky af >_> I went with my usual strategy on the first day of the event which was basically playing the Maiden levels but I needed an item from a Princess level to craft something and that's when I noticed that you actually have a better chance getting more Demon Souls with Princess Levels. They tend to drop 2-4 demon souls (most often 3 and 4) while the Maidens give you only 1-3 and you really get 1-2 most of the time. I honestly think this was a bit of a greedy trick cause the suits are gorgeous as heck and the devs know that people will go crazy for them. So they allowed people to get more Demon Souls from Princess levels which simultaneously costs more stamina. So people would buy more stamina. But it all somehow worked out in my favor though cause I found a way to get plenty of Demon Souls without really having to hoard stamina (I'm a lowly V 0 ;_;) so…yay?

  33. HONESTLY!!! Im getting Hellish Bloom T^T and Im gonna skip the next event regardless of whatever it is. It wouldn't even make sense for me to participate in a Hell Event either because im a little below 10k diamonds soooo… yeahhh nahhh. I love that set and I want the damn makeup lol

  34. I need 10 more items to complete the second Yokai suit… I had 5k diamonds at the beginning of this event and like 1k stam. I now have 1k diamond and 5 stam /: I’m quitting on love Nikki after I spend all my diamonds. It was a good year of playing!!

    Edit: I also realized I’ve been mad at LN since the Time Flies suit event(I forgot the actual event name lol). I spent so much money on this game, only to forget about the suits I bought in a few days. /:

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