LOWER ABS UNLEASHED – 3 Exercises! (V-CUT Abs)

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  1. I heard he is natural working out hard for 20 + years… And that he has one cheat meal in the year! Well done sir respect and a subscription

  2. I am on my day 6th of the abs workout and I already see improvement, and seriously age has no relevance here, if you make an effort you will get the results!!

  3. Hey jeff great ids ty !!! Question: a friend of mine is an er nurse and when she walks her right hip pops, is that somethi g you can train with muscle groups?

  4. hey Jeff, you never ceased to amaze and blow me away with your knowledge of the human body!! i don`t know if i`ll ever get this
    far being what i`m pretty sure is the 30% to 40% bf range!! i`m not using age as an excuse, cause for 66 years old (soon to be 67 years old as of April 10th, 2018), i think i`m doing pretty good. i am coming to the realization though that i could be over training. i do a complete full body workout 6 days a week. i`m thinking it might be time to start doing a different body part or 2 each of those 6 days, so i`m not over training!!! i`m finding that simple thing like turning my body at the waist, to the left or right can cause me cause a n injury that has me in pain for weeks at a time. recently, i turned to my left between sets on the leg curl machine, and felt a pang in my right side between the spine and the lats in my mid back area. this caused a pain in my back that lasted at least 5 days, then it dropped down into my right leg and is now affecting my right knee! i never stopped my workouts as a result, i thought it would better to train anyway. for the last 8 days now, my right knee pain feels like an open nerve. it makes it extremely difficult to walk, and even more difficult to climb stairs, and my gym has 2 flights of stairs to get from the locker room to the gym. thanks for listening, and thank you so much for sharing, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  5. This man is the truth!!! No one's doing it better as a no nonsense trainer with a accessible plan for physical greatness!!!

  6. Fukin love Jeff all his little crazy ideas actually work I been incorporating a lot of his stuff and my before and after pics people asking me if I'm on steroids lol He's like the porto-let man he knows his shit

  7. Hey your videos are very helpful.. please put subtitles in your video sometimes I cannot catch your fast English accent… it feels like i have to learn English with the muscle building too..lol

  8. Great exercise I definitely want to look like an athlete and tighten up my v area. I not worked this area for years because I did not know about those kind of exercises Thanks.

  9. Anyone can help me?
    I had a problem with my lumbar zone, L4,L5. I saw the video to fix this problem.
    But, i dont know if i can workout my abs? I recovered my normal life, but i have this problem…

  10. I like gymnasts (sory for spell idk ) they're so realistic literally putting ideas into physical like an artist but when dumb rappers do it's like really bro, if u can't learn to learn then give it a go. since I understand reality I appreciated all that jefff? has said to me thanks

  11. Hey Jeff! Can you put a video together of how to train your abs with a inguinal hernia. I need a little help with this. Thanks

  12. He looks like Dennis from It's Always sunny in Philadelphia. Going for that "Jesus on the Cross" look with these ab workouts.

  13. Seeing you ripped guys is discouraging to look at and even start doing ANYTHING. Could you do a video for sluggish slobs, so to speak?

  14. Thank you Sir! Would be great if you could have some videos for women over 40, trying to build muscle and get lean. Hope you do!

  15. I heard my crush once say that she loves abs, that was in December, ive been working since. I was at 15 percent fat and now I’m starting to get a V

  16. I love your vids excellent 😍 info, I will look up your website I AM INTERESTED!!!! TO WORKOUT SMARTER NOT HARDER 😄

  17. A year ago I had a huge belly and using your workouts I’ve now got a dick root, obliques and fish gills. It’s unreal

  18. Hello Jeff Cavaliere!

    Here is an exercise





    What does it train?

    Is it definitely not harmful?

  19. I click on one video, 7.9 million subs…. I click this one and youre at 8!!! congratulations!! hahaha ill be the 8 million +1 sub

  20. GOOD SHIT AS USUAL. I TELL PEOPLE ABOUT YOU BTW. they see me train and how awesome i am and i refer them to simple resources such as this.

  21. I thought your abs were a system, they all work at the same rate? I was always told, you make your abs bigger, like you would any other muscle and proper nutrition, but your lower abs can only get so big. Anybody else hear this?
    Also, i heard cable woodchops help with those.

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