Lume is busting myths about women’s health

My name is Betsy Adams and this September I turned 70 years old, so I was one of the baby boomers. And I will have to say that I feel wonderful, I had no idea that being 70 would feel this good. I go back to the early days of feminism and the early 70’s, 72, 73 I worked for an OB/GYN those early days at a college and It was a good experience in that I learned how the medical professions particularly OB/GYN viewed women. Brooke is my neighbor, Brooke Weston, and she and I walk our dogs together frequently and she mentioned Lume to me. And she said what do you think? And I said sure I’d love to try that, so I got my package in The mail and I opened it. I tried the conventional underarm type of application for deodorant and found it to be very pleasant, the fragrance is nice. But it feels lighter it’s a different texture altogether than what I’ve been using so I will continue to use it and see how it goes. The one thing I like about Lume and the bringing this out is that it’s a product for women by women, by a woman and it sounds like it’s addressing some major myths and stereotypes that have been around for a long time about women’s health. Particularly; vaginal health, reproductive health, I think the product can accomplish more than just the purpose of it’s invention, I think all of the attributes and values surrounding it are a really good thing.

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