Lume May Save You a Trip to the Gynecologist

I’m dr. Shannon Clingman and I’m the CEO
and board-certified obgyn inventor of Lumē deodorant as people we can talk
about underarm odor and bad breath all day long but for some reason when we
talk about odor below the belt it brings the conversation to a screeching halt
but I can tell you as a gynecologist that I know that these are concerns that
many women have and me included I mean you take your pants down and you notice
an odor immediately you’re thinking do I have an infection well I’ve been able to
prove through science that the majority of the time those odors that you notice
in day to day life whether from intimacy working out a leaky bladder or with your
period often mimic those same odors that are noted in infection processes like
bacterial vaginosis for instance and if you were to go see your gynecologist
with that odor concern you would be 61% more likely to be over diagnosed with a
condition and leave with an antibiotic this is precisely why I invented Lumi
deodorant initially for private parts was to solve these insecurities and
concerns about odor that women have Lumē is a mythbuster we’ve demonstrated
that it’s the same odor type molecules that are formed in day to day life that
we also see with certain types of vaginal infection so while lumi is not
here to diagnose or treat any medical conditions I can tell you that if you
were to use lumi for a few days when you have concerns about odor and it works
for you you’re good to go but if odor persists despite using Lumi then you
should probably see your gynecologist just to rule out something more
concerning so while this video is here to serve as a quick and dirty
explanation of how lumi might be able to save you a trip to your gynecologist you
can get more information by reading our blog on our website so if you’re
concerned about body odor below the belt why not Lumē me today

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