Lunges for Beginners, Dramatic Leg Strength Growth in Weeks

Boo-yeah boo-yeah Hi folks, i’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck, physical therapist Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet In our opinion of course, Bob Today we’re gonna talk about lunges for beginners You can get dramatic leg strength growth in weeks if you are going to participate in these lunges, right and we’re gonna progress to the advanced so You know stick around and we’ll get everybody into it Yeah, we’ll get to it. By the way if you are new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy fit pain-free and we upload everyday Also go to Facebook and like us because we want to make sure you can find us on Facebook first of all Bob and Brad, there you go. You like us we like you we give you positive vibes It’s the we just said it’s the hippie thing right the hippie thing now Some of these viewers may not even have heard that word. I suppose they may not have, new-age thing. How about that new-age? Bob let’s get with the program. Alright. Okay, so lunges great exercise for the quadriceps you’re getting some hamstring some hip, you know, maybe a little bit of core as we do some of these and Not to mention balance You know, this is a balanced activity and it depends on your level So we may be talking to people 20 years old 15 years old, you know up to people 65, 70 years old That want to do lunges we’re gonna help you out with that Yeah, and it’s kind of a difficult exercise to do especially as you get older So that’s where we mentioned the booyah stick. This is a stick that actually breaks out in two parts I got the one that doesn’t break out. I got the solid one You’re gonna use it together ninety-five percent of time, but if you want to, you know store it easily It’ll do that and twist in and twist out so interference lock So let’s get started. Okay so as a matter of fact I’m going to use two sticks to start with because if you haven’t done these before You’re going to want something to hold on to you could use some furniture the back of an armrest a cupboard on one side We’re going to use these and Bob, you can point out the white stick maybe for the proper body mechanics So we take the stress off of your knee in particular So I’m going to come forward now if you’re starting you’re not gonna lunge out really deep Just start with a small Comfortable step forward and then, the key to this Brad is that you don’t go too far forward, you’re dipping down instead of going forward A good point and watch the knee Well, here’s the mechanics that we want to avoid If your knee starts going past the vertical plumb line above your toe like it is there That’s too far when it gets to this point, then it’s time to go down. Yeah and back up Okay, and you want to have your little egg thing here Brad? Okay, so the other thing Brad why don’t you do it again He’s keeping his back straight here. There you go. As he dips down and Now the other thing the nice thing about having These are not just for balance, but if you’re new at this They’ll assist you to get up and down. It’s amazing What a little bit here makes a big difference versus this, much harder much harder. Okay, so again, this is the way I’m gonna recommend to start the lunges find that comfortable distance for you when you’re starting and remember that so the knee doesn’t go above or past the toes and you’re going to go down now we can get the ball okay and what I tell my patients at work is imagine there’s an egg Right below your knee and you’re just gonna know that ball represents the egg We’re just gonna go down and tell you touch it. Now, I say egg cuz I don’t want you to go hard It’s just a little touch So you’re not gonna break the egg, right, you know, I’ve had people go down a little too quick without that and you hit your kneecap on a hard floor It’s not very fun. It hurts. So take your time. You’re gonna go down and then up Again, keeping good posture which he is doing, and the knee’s not going past the front of the foot Here’s all the things you’re keeping in mind. There you go but again working a lot of things here working a lot of functional muscles and Working your posture and working your core. I’m gonna go to one here If you’re just gonna go to one and your right leg is out. I’ll hold it here for a second Bob Thank you. The right leg is out. You’re probably gonna keep it in the left hand of your balance It’s gonna be a little more stable to the wider base. Okay, so I would say you work up to ten You know, you may start at five whatever it is you’re comfortable with, we’ll get rid of the the ball for now but you’re gonna want to make sure you do the other leg and Up and down, but let my kneecap just touch there Listen to what I say, preach what you say Okay, so ten on that side, then you can get more dynamic I’ll go to one for now Bob. I feel comfortable with this. You can go out to here and then back Lunge out and then back you’ll get your heart rate up doing these if you do ten on that side I’m gonna pretend I did ten so you don’t get overly bored and I think I just went too far with my knee there we go and then If you get bored with that we did ten on each side. You can alternate right leg forward back leg forward and There you go. So the next thing is When your balance is good, you know, you could hold the stick like this That can help a little bit if you want to make it more difficult Bring the stick above your head. Now you’re getting tough Yeah that works more It works their balance more and that really forces your posture, keeps you upright with everything aligned. You better believe it Stretches out your chest a little bit. Yeah, my heart rate’s going up already So you’re gonna shoot for sets of 10 on each leg if you’re alternated you go for 20 That’ll be 10 on a leg. You can go higher if you’d like If you want to make it even more advanced all this is like it was too easy I want to go to the next level, if you’re a higher end athlete and you’re like, okay, this is too easy. Let’s yeah Always want to challenge yourself Which we like to see. Yeah. Oh no problem. As long as you’re taking it at your own pace You take a chair Bob. You want to hold on to the chair? This chair does slide on the floor, you want to have something solid And I’m gonna do it with my right leg forward and then back, again good posture I’m gonna start out with a stick on this. There we go. And Up and down just so that toe’s working, posture Now this when you go without the stick, you can see my ankle, yeah you’re wiggling there Yeah, we’re working more balance yet. And on this obviously the knee is much higher We’re not gonna worry about our knee hitting the floor any distance there We don’t want the thigh to go past the horizontal and that’s not a problem The chair actually prevents that it all falls into place 10 on each leg and you’re gonna feel a nice work out The balance is there. I actually want to start doing these in the next couple months because You’ve got a competition coming up I got a bike race a mountain bike race in a couple of months and I want to beat my friend I’ve never been able to beat him. So this is the year Brad I hope he doesn’t watch this because he’s gonna start doing these If he sees me in and it’s not good and wipes out your advantage, right. Yeah, we want the element of surprise so very good lunging Start from the beginning work your way up and you’re really going to work those strengths and get those quads built up Very functional Wow. I’m tired Bob. Alright, thanks everybody for watching

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  1. On your coming live broadcast could you answer this question? Should you have a forward pelvic tilt, or arched back, when lifting a heavy object and neutral or backward pelvic tilt when standing straight up holding a heavy object?

  2. Hey guys I've been having toruble with my upper shin right below and to the left of the acl. I've seen a physio and orthopedic doctor and they didn't give me a diagnosis. It's not too painful I can train but it's always a niggling pain and I don't want to ignore it with soccer season coming up just in case it flares up and puts me out of a few games. Any advice or ideas would be massively appreciated love ur guys work 🙂 . Also if you think it's just a type of shin splints how can I treat it

  3. Hey guys don't know if you answer YouTube comments all my injuries signs are pointing towards Osgood schlatter disease ??? But I am 22 and have never experienced this pain before and it has now lasted 3 months. (Pain is located just to the left of my acl tibia region)

  4. This is good because if you're not careful you can do these wrong for sure. I definitely like the idea using the poles.

  5. Just wanted to know wheather these excersises are helpfull for paralysed patients? Then will start doing them.

  6. Im doing these for revalidating from ankle fracture, to work on balance and strenght. I think I'm slowely getting my leg muscles back… 🙂

  7. I had a serious knee injury a few years ago. I just turned 67. Can you show me a modified lunge that I might be able to do that will strengthen that knee?

  8. Where do you guys stand on pistol squat? The chiro told me I had meniscus issue, but then I started doing them and things got much better.

  9. THANK YOU, BOB and THANK YOU, BRAD! You have given me so much useful guidance and priceless encouragement to look after my health and well-being! This session is a prime example. I have followed instructions on doing lunges in the past, but never felt they worked for my uniquely cranky muscles and joints, despite my lingering suspicion I was missing out on an important therapeutic movement. Your techniques here opened up an amazing opportunity to access the benefits of the lunge, with the added significant enhancement of core/postural attention and arm engagement. I felt immediate dramatic benefit throughout my entire body, because your thorough presentation and detailed technique works my whole body, muscles and cardio, without a hint of over-stressing any of the many cantankerous parts of my well worn physique. You are both EXTRAORDINARY HEALERS!

  10. Can someone do these lunges if they have lower back and sciatic problems? Is it ok to do them and not go so far down at first?

  11. Were going to have to change the name of the show to Brad and Bob, because Brad is clearly the star of the show. Lol.

  12. Many of my friends doing manual labor suffer from sciatica pain and post teririor chain weakness due to abuse of walking and standing for 10hrs 6 days a week . One of my clients gets lower back muscle cramps when benching while I suffer from hip pain from walking many miles in hot weather. I tried hip opening workouts by strengthening hamstring and abbs . What would you recommend I believe I have one foot bigger than the other. Haha I could not sit without my left hip in 8 pain level I'm laying down and hanging the knee I have adegenrated hip and my neck hurts it keeps popping when I lift my knee. Thank you for your time and consideration

  13. theres no chance no ones said this, but i cant resist a cheap joke, cuz im a simpleton, but you guys are like the 'penn and teller' of physical therapy.
    almost not worth it.

  14. I have degenerative spinal scoliosis I want to try doing these lunges safely my issue is not trying, its more like once I get down on my right knee, its getting back up that is my issue, Bob and Brad, how can I overcome my issue?

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