9 Replies to “Lyft driver says she was attacked for being a transgender woman”

  1. Yo guy girl squid or amoeba if you have a f**** giant gnarly neck tat And hair that hasn't been washed for several months along with face jewelry YOU'RE TRASH IN MOST OF AMERICAN'S EYES. I'm not saying me personally because I try real hard not to judge real honest doesn't have anything to do with bigotry it's about there being consequences for looking like a crackhead carny.

    Just keeping it 💯 man.

  2. This was a terrible crime…..this person should never be judged this way..No more then a person wearing a "Make America Great" hat….any physical violence against a person should be prosecuted.

  3. its true violence is wrong but becoming so strange that you trigger people is foolish as well, and it seems they intend on being as strange as possible to get special rights or attention, its a female so you have to treat her special? or …not

  4. Ok first of all,this guy says the police "tried to find him but couldnt" not that they chased him or even saw him. So there is no proof an attack actually took place at all,just this guys word that he was attacked and that he sprayed the alleged attacker with pepper spray. NO PROOF,but it made the news as factual event! WTF? Second,he states he cant work because he is too scared. Hmmmmmmmm,raise any red flags with anyone else? Especially after he just said all of his other experiences were great as a lyft driver. Hmmmmmmmm. Third,he says he doesnt get any respect BECAUSE he is transgender,i doubt it was him being transgender that anyone finds offensive,it would be the weird horns hanging out of his nose,the disgusting facial tattoos,the nasty hair,and probably the sleazeball way he dresses. That would be my guess. I dont believe his story,i think he is actually trash and is looking for a way to cash in on being a man who thinks he is a woman by saying he was attacked and now has a fear of working. Not buying this shit for one minute. Oregon needs more factual journalism,no damn proof or evidence here but yet they just report it as gospel. Idiots.

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