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I’m Dr. Lynn Beauchamp, and I work with the women’s health clinic at Mosaic Life Care. I think it started out when I was in fifth
grade. My teacher was awesome, and she brought in cow’s eyes from her farm, and we started dissecting them, and so at that point in time, I sort of realized how impressive the human body was, and how much there was to learn and how exciting it was. So then, sort of throughout my career, I just became more and more interested in medicine, and then decided to explore that more thoroughly to try and figure out where I would best fit within that career field. I think that it’s been great because in the military sector, got to see a broad range of
people from all different walks of life, as well as treating patients, that were from a foreign country, when I was stationed overseas, so there’s that sort of cultural piece that I feel like that I have as a benefit that maybe people that have always been stateside don’t have for relating to people. We follow women throughout their lifespan so I could be there when a baby gets born, see that child as an adolescent for their
well woman exams, then be there to deliver their children, and then be there in their, you know,
twilight years as they’re getting older and dealing with menopausal issues, so, I just like that continuity of the relationship throughout time.

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  1. Dr. Beauchamp found my uterine cancer when she was at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital. She had the oncologist on stand by and within minutes of telling me I had cancer my surgery was scheduled. I don't think I have ever had a more caring doctor. Any woman who chooses

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