Mach7: Delivering Solutions to Healthcare IT

With outdated PACS capabilities across health
systems, are you bound by the limitations of your traditional PACS? Radiologists across
health systems are burdened by the overhead of monitoring multiple worklists. Worklists
that are created due to the limitations of traditional PACS, not based on what’s most
efficient for you. Are you tired of dragging images to compare because hanging protocols
don’t work consistently? Do you spend too much time searching through prior imaging
studies because you lack confidence in your PACS’ ability to identify and fetch relevant
priors? It’s not just time to replace your PACS. It’s time to modernize your PACS on
the next-generation vendor neutral platform powered by Mach7 Technologies. Powered by
Mach7, your PACS will be modernized, more intuitive, and efficient. Mach7’s modernized
PACS solution can save health systems 10% to 20% annually. Powered by a smart worklist,
workloads will be distributed intelligently and presented as a single personalized worklist
with STAT procedures prioritized accurately. Relevant priors can be reviewed in less time,
with a system that automatically identifies and weights priors according to relevance.
You can have confidence that your PACS is presenting you the right information, at the
right time. And, no more dragging images across viewer layouts. With a smart diagnostic viewer,
hanging protocols work consistently. Mach7 does the work for you. Your modernized PACS
does all this and so much more. Built on the next-generation Mach7 Platform, your clinical
ecosystem is ready for the challenges of today and needs of tomorrow. Let the platform aggregate
and curate clinical data across your health system, transforming your EMR into a Smart
System and connecting all medical “-ologies.” Turn on modules as you need them; they’re
already built in to the Mach7 Platform waiting for you. Access best-in-class artificial intelligence
algorithms for assisted diagnosis. Mach7 is ready to modernize your PACS and build the
foundation for an innovative, next-generation clinical IT ecosystem for your enterprise. Let’s have a conversation. Are you ready for it?

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