Maizex Moving: Plant Your Fortenza Stamina First for Best Results

Hey welcome, it’s Greg Stewart here with Maizex Seeds. It’s March the 8th. We’re at the London farm show at our Maizex booth having a good time today talking to growers, getting excited about the upcoming spring. In front of me we have just a little display that we’ve been talking to growers about. It’s essentially two corn plants that were untreated in terms of seed treatment versus two corn plants that had the Fortenza Stamina seed treatment. So Stamina gives us that little bit of cold protection and so you can see where they have the seed treatment with the Stamina on it, we took these seedlings, exposed them to minus eight for about 18 minutes. We did the same to these two corn plants – no Stamina treatment, exposed them to that same minus eight for about 18 minutes; pulled them out and you can see the difference that the Stamina seed treatment made in terms of the survivability of the corn plant. Now these corn plants probably aren’t dead – they’ll probably come back as I’m sure we didn’t kill the growing point, but most of us would really prefer to have a seed treatment that could give us some protection from those cold nights and leave our corn plants looking better the next morning. It’s been an interesting transition at Maizex where we were essentially in the neonic world for seed treatments. We moved almost exclusively to the Fortenza Stamina package and Stamina is bringing some nice vigour and maybe a little bit of cold tolerance as you can see in this and so our recommendation is if you’ve got some seed that’s got the Fortenza Stamina option on it, it really would be the right seed to plant first in terms of giving yourself some cold protection and then if you have other seed lots that don’t have the Stamina on, they might be more suited for planting a little bit later when this sort of cold injury risk has disappeared. Any rate, a little bit of an update from the London Farm Show – hope things go well for you in this time as we get ready for planting. Take care

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