Managers Reveal Planned Parenthood is Not Real Health Care

Lila: What would happen, Ramona, at your facility
when a woman would call or come in, who was pregnant, who was looking for pregnancy related
services? Ramona: There was nothing to offer these women. Many times I felt that I couldn’t help in
the way that I wanted to help. For example, prenatal care: there was no prenatal
care. There was nothing that we could offer women
who were pregnant. There was nothing that we could offer for
women seeking fertility treatments, or trying to—who were trying to conceive. Again, that’s the idea. You go in with the perception that Planned
Parenthood is there to help women in any situation, not just when they’re wanting an abortion. You think gynecological services. You think affordable, you know, health care
for low-income women, non-insured women. So I really went in believing “We’re just
like a gynecologist.” Then you realize, as time goes by, that you’re
not. Lila: As a manager of the facility and going
in with that kind of—thought of, “Oh, I can help women with these health needs,”
how did that make you feel when you would have to say to these different women, “No,
I can’t help with that”? Ramona: I think “disillusioned” is the
perfect word. I’ve always had this really strong desire
to help people who are struggling and that’s really the mantra of Planned Parenthood isn’t
it? To help women and to provide these services
for women, and “Where are they gonna go if Planned Parenthood doesn’t exist” right? And so, as you’re going through your day-to-day
routine and realizing that these women are encountering real problems that really—you
can’t help because everything is limited to contraception and abortion. Lila: Did you get calls from people seeking
services related to pregnancy, like prenatal care? And what would you tell them? Sue: We would have women that—even women
that would come in, and they’d have, say, a breast lump. Well, we—there was nothing we could do about
that. We’d have to refer them out. Or an abnormal pap smear. You know, anything like that. We didn’t do mammograms. You know, there was the whole mammogram flap,
where, Cecile Richards was saying, you know, “Thousands of women are gonna lose their access
to mammograms.” Well, Planned Parenthood—there is not a
Planned Parenthood in the country that’s ever done a mammogram. But that’s just one example of something that
they say they do to help women, but they’ve never, ever done that. And same with, you know, prenatal care and
adoption and, you know, all these things that women need. And of course, the reason that adoption and
prenatal care weren’t hit hard is, there’s no money in that. You know, they made their money if somebody
had an abortion at a Planned Parenthood facility. Lila: And so no prenatal care quota? Sue: No. Lila: No adoption quota? Sue: Nope. Only abortion. Lila: Only abortion.

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  1. "Managers Reveal Planned Parenthood is Not Real Health Care"
    No kidding.
    Murdering babies can not be considered 'health care'.

  2. I was getting ready to down vote the hell out of this because I thought it was a Planned Parenthood ad.  Glad I didn't jump to conclusions.  Great work and keep exposing the lies of Planned Parenthood.  But to be fair they did help my wife and I with our first child.  She is 13 now 🙂

  3. For people who want the truth about this video (that Live Action keeps censoring):

  4. Ummm…. if you want prenatal care you go to An actual OBGYN at an affordable place. Like where I live there's a place called "the alpha center" and it does low cost prenatal care, and there's more places like that in other places.

    Planned parenthood is a sexual health place that gives women options like birth control at a low cost and STD scans and termination of pregnancy, which are needed.

  5. wow the stupidity. this network reports no factual analysis of planned parenthood and only demonizes what us literally helthcare for women. i was actually thinking this was a factual report until i did a five minute google search that proves this whole video false.

  6. When I got pregnant, single and in my 40s, BIRTHRIGHT helped me with counseling, clothes, and a network. Placed my baby in an open adoption in 1998. Sadly Clare died at age 14 from Cushings Syndrome, but "Oh, how she lived!" Everyone spoke of her BRIGHT LIGHT.

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