Marjan Attaran, MD | Cleveland Clinic Obstetrics and Gynecology

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  1. I saw this doctor about five years ago. She was so dismissive and rude to me and my husband. It was absolutely disgusting. We went to her because we were having issues conceiving and I have never forgetten this experience. We went on to have two children since this experience. I have never forgotten this and as soon as I saw her face and heard her voice it came flooding back. I have always wondered what she didn’t like about us. Why she didn’t let me answer any questions and spoke over me to my husband as if I wasn’t worth her time or consideration. I remember sobbing on the drive home and told my husband if this is who we had to go through to have a baby (she was considered the “best” via my doctor), then I didn’t want to have children. Thank god there were other more compassionate and professional doctors in the field who took time to not only ask questions, but listen to what was said. I hope her heart has changed and she treats all women with respect and compassion.

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