May I Pray for You? | Prayer request: Prayer for Healing, Strength, Deliverance, and Peace

Friends, I want to pray for you. Seriously, pray for you. If there is something going on in your life,
a spiritual battle, a heart that needs changed, healing from sickness, discernment for the
future… whatever it is, I want to be praying for you. So, go to the comments section below, and
in a few sentences, let me know how I can I pray for you. The reason I want to pray for you, is that
The Bible clearly shows us that there is power in prayer. That when we pray in faith, God responds. Sometimes God answers, “Yes” with us seeing
the result immediately, or in time. Sometimes God lovingly answers, “no” and
asks that we trust Him. Sometimes he answers by saying, “I have
something far greater than what you’re requesting.” The one thing we can be sure of, is that when
we earnestly pray in faith, God answers our prayers in the best way possible for our benefit
and His glory. In John 16:24 Jesus said, “Ask, and you
will receive, that your joy may be full.” As a Pastor, and as your Brother in Christ,
I have chosen to go without food for a time, to earnestly seek the power of God through
prayer. I am desperately seeking revival in my live,
to live and walk in the ways God has called me to. I am praying over my family, so that we will
bring honor to God individually and together as a family. I am praying over my local church family,
so that we be more motivated to go out and save the lost, and encourage the saved. And I want to be praying for you, the online community
God has privileged me to serve. In James 5:16, God’s word tells us, “Therefore,
confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great
power as it is working.” Let’s do that together. Confess your sins, turn to Jesus, and lets
together prayerfully seek the Power of God in your life! I promise you this, be it one week, one year
or 10 years out from now, as longer as this video is up on YouTube, if you comment below
with a prayer request, I will petition the Father on your behalf. Remember, “Nothing will be impossible with
God.” If this video was encouraging, please give
it a thumbs up to let me know. Please share it with some of your friends
so I can pray for them too. And don’t forget to subscribe and turn on
notifications, so you don’t miss the next video. Now don’t forget, leave your prayer request below
so that I can pray for you.

31 Replies to “May I Pray for You? | Prayer request: Prayer for Healing, Strength, Deliverance, and Peace”

  1. Friends, while I cannot respond to each of your comments individually, please know that I have been, and I am continuing to pray for each of you! I also encourage all of you to read the comments of others here and pray for them as well! Remember James 5:16, "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working."

  2. Lasting relief–in a kind and gentle way for myself and my persecutors–from corrupt local political prosecution; and that they would repent of their corruption to the glory of God. Thank you Pastor Nelson


  4. Please pray for my son. He was hit by a car this morning. He had fractured his right arm and has can operation tomorrow. Please pray that he gets well fast. I am praying to Jesus too. Thank you for praying with me (his mother)

  5. Please pray the the lord will do a creative miracle and heal my hiatal hernia and put it back in place, my name is smiley

  6. My husband's reign of terror to stop. complete deliverance & restoration for my household. we love him. we have 4 children & 10 grandchildren. His mother taught him to hate GOD. 1991 I reached out to GOD for a hug. got it in 1992! for him to be delivered & set free, filled with the glory & serve GOD with me.

  7. Please pray for God to guide me on my faith journey, for my broken heart to heal, for reconciliation with my Love if it is His will, and for my children to know Him and to follow Him. Thank you!!!

  8. Please pray me to draw closer to God and find a home church thank you and God bless you πŸ™πŸ½

  9. Please Pastor, please pray for my work situation because I just don't know what to do, thank you and God bless everyone on here

  10. Please pray for my sister to be healed of a brain tumor.

    May the Lord use her healing for His honour and glory and to bring her and others to Faith in Christ.


  12. Plz pray for my son Brendan who is addicted to playing games on mobile . He is 16…. He is not interested in studies at all

  13. I have a great percentage of the Holy spirit and I dont want to have it. Please pray for me so I wont have this percentage. It's too much.

  14. Hello Pastor Nelson! I'm asking for Prayers for healing, Strength, hope, and restoration over my entire life, and Well being… For God to brake these chains, curses off of my life in the name of Jesus! To be reunited with my son who is. In the Navy (We haven't seen each other in over 8 years and it needs to happen very soon) Also to keep away All of these people who are very cruel to me😒… God knows each and every petition that I'm requesting, and All the reason's… Life isn't saposed to ever be so hard to live… Asking for a church home and for Everyone to be saved… All spoken and Unspoken prayers for Everyone, including me!!! AMEN

  15. Pls help me to pray for me to move on with my boyfriend broken relationship.
    Pls pray for me that God will guide me in my plan life.. Sorry about my english is not good

  16. I am not crazy l have evil ribbing me apart 24 7 l have stupid Devil's laughing all the time l want my freedom and a wonderful life at 66 years old and l want my 3yr old corgi my support dog back his. Name is Christian. Amen Amen

  17. PLEASE pray for the minister of our church. He's the best minister I've ever served under but he's recently started to compromise and associate with false teachers. I warned him (Eze33) but for the first time ever he avoided me and wouldn't discuss it. So he knowingly listened to false teachers and deliberately ignored the Bible's adjuration to keep away from them (Rom16:17). So I'm really praying hard about how to respond, because we can't follow him down that path. If you'd PLEASE pray into this I'd be most grateful, thank you, and the Lord bless you.

  18. Hi please pray for my mom who is battling stage 4 brain cancer. Doctors are giving up hope for her. We know our God is a healer

  19. Pray for healing from illnesses that I endure for lacking faith for financial stability free of debt to be more faithful to you for better job opportunities. A new love who is God chosen. In Jesus name. Forgive me teach me patience

  20. Please pray for Grace and Daniel. I've had no peace for the past 3 months. Lord, praying for strengthening of a relationship, healing of the body, and freedom from bondage in Jesus' Name

  21. I was engaged to be married. God told my ex fiance no concerning marriage but told me to wait and the relationship has not been restored. I need a miracle.

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