Mayora Rosenberg Women’s Health Center Ribbon Cutting

The women associated with this institution
designed this initiative to meet a very important need in our community. The need for improved access to quality health
care for every single woman on Chicago’s north side. As we gather here this morning, we are acutely
aware of how you care for all women. Women of every race and generation. Every class and every culture. We are indeed fortunate to have a hospital
that has the leadership the board and more importantly the committed staff to treat people
from our community, day in and day out. Not only is this a gorgeous facility. Not only have we had the ability to break
down barriers. But we have the technology and the compassion
to really make it happen. So I thank all of you from the heart. This Women’s Health Center strikes at the
very heart of our community and the very heart of the family. Women in our community who need access and
who make the important medical decisions for those whom they love. I appload your commitment to continue to engage
with the multi-cultural, diverse community that surrounds you. And making sure that this hospital remains
a home for them. So thank you. All of those people who brought us to this
pinacle today, you know who you are, you have my undying gratitude. I thank you. For us, this is a moment frozen in time. Bless you Mayora and bless Swedish Covenant,
the City Council of Chicago and God bless all of you.

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