Medicash – The Face of Healthcare

The face of healthcare has changed
drastically in the last sort of five to ten years. A lot of our policies used to
be direct where individuals would join Medicash on their own. Now we’ve seen the corporate market increased drastically and a lot of companies are funding it
for their employees, which is great because the employees are actually
getting additional health benefits that they wouldn’t normally have. People are now looking at what they can do outside of the NHS. People are looking at getting
consultations and diagnostics done more quickly and they’re looking at ways to
make that affordable because the vast majority of people can’t afford to pay
for expensive private medical insurance fees. So what Medicash do is we give
people the tools and we give them the ability to get an early diagnosis, to get
a second opinion and to make sure that they know that they are in the best possible hands
to get their treatment and to get their diagnosis in place for them and
for their families as well.

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