Medium No.077 Row-N-Rider Workout: Cardio Strength

Hi and welcome to your medium workout. Today we’re going to be focusing on cardio strength So let’s begin with the warmup We’re going to put 90 seconds on the clock here we go. Now remember the
warm-up is really just about getting used to the motion. Waking up your
muscles. Getting that blood flowing. So for me, I took off all of the resistance
ports. Up to you if you want to leave one on two on. Whatever it is but just know
all we’re trying to do is wake up those muscles right now. That’s it nice job.
Focus on your breathing Make sure your chest is up. Elbows are
tight engage that core the whole time you should feel those muscles start to
be firing up right about now. We have a great total body workout ahead of us.
Remember it’s your workout it’s what you make it. It’s gonna be focused on cardio
strength cause we’re going to be going at a little faster pace. So that means you
don’t have to sit down quite as low We’re really going to be focusing on
getting that heart rate up there today Keep it up just 10 more seconds here last three two and one All right great job getting through that
warm-ups. Let’s get started with the workout. It’s going to be a repetition
based workout so we have three sets of 15 for all of our exercises with
30-second breaks in between. As you can see I added two resistance cords with
the medium workout I challenge you to add two as well, but if you’re struggling or if
it ends up being coming too uncomfortable you can always just drop a
resistance cord. Go at your own pace we’re gonna focus on a fast-paced tempo
for this first exercise. We’re gonna get the cardio and heart rate up so the
faster you go the more that heart rate is going to get up there. Let’s start
with our hands in the overhand position. It’s going to be a total body
workout working everything from your shoulders all the way down to your glutes. We have 15 repetitions. Here we go. Ten Five Four Three Two One and rest. Heart
rates going up there. Make sure you keep that chest up the whole time I want to focus on proper form here. And like I said the lower you go that’s gonna be
more strength. So the faster you go it’s going to be more cardio. Few more seconds
here and we have another set of 15coming up in five four three two one let’s do this last six Five Four three Two One Rest thirty seconds on the
clock make sure to grab water anytime you need
it always want to make sure you’re hydrating yourself Meet me back right here we have one more set with this overhand grip Let’s focus
on keeping the core engaged for this one you always want to make sure our core is
engaged nice and stabilized in four three two one. Fifteen here we go Five Four Three Two One and break. Great time to grab a sip of that water, towel off Awesome job. We’re gonna be moving into the same overhand grip we’re gonna focus
on the bottom bar. What that is going to do is focus on our lower body a little
bit more we’re gonna do a medium tempo here so try to squat down just a little
bit lower and really focus on that strength movement. In four three two one Fifteen here we go last Five Four Three Two One and 30-second break I feel that in my legs right away your arms are kind of
just here for stabilization for this one so we really want to focus on really
gaining that strength from our legs so the lower you go the more you’re gonna
feel it. Catch your breath. keep it up. You’re doing great. Like I said if at any
time you need to drop a resistance cord that’s totally fine
here we go in two, One – 15 Almost there Four Three Two One 30-second rest. We love that rest. Bring my heart rate down for a minute focus on
that breathing. You got this. Great work Keep it up. Stay with me. Really trying to drive from those glutes. Use those hamstrings, quads, glutes. All your lower body should be
working right here. Alright here we go last ten through with this one in Three, two, one Ten Nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One Great job. Made it through our lower body portion of this workout. Next we’re going
to be moving on, same thing. Three sets 15 repetitions, but we’re going to focus on
our back now. You’re gonna have a wide grip. Your hands are gonna be on the
outside of the handle bar and now it’s the opposite our legs are kind of here
for stabilization and we really want to focus on pulling with their upper body here we go in three, two, one For 15 Five Four Three Two One 30-second rest, make sure with all
those pulls that you’re really squeezing those shoulder blades together. We really
want to engage all of those back muscles Deep breath. This is going to be a faster
pace again. So try not to go quite as low. Meet me at the top in three, two, one –
15 great job Six Five Four Three two one 30-second rest One more time with this wide grip Really really engage those
shoulder blades. Feel that squeeze You’ve got this Few more breaths here, grab that
water if you need it Stay with me, you got this. Few more
seconds. Meet me at the top. In five, four three, two, one Squeeze, there you go Ten Nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One Rest, water break,
towel off, whatever you need to do. We’re moving on to our final exercise of this
workout. You’re doing great Now what we’re going to do here, still upper body,
still just use those legs as stabilization but we’re going to focus on
our biceps. We’re going to do an underhand grip on the top portion of the
handlebar. You can always switch to the lower portion if you want more of a
challenge but for now I’m just join me right here at the top. Here we go 15 reps Six Five Four Three Two One 30-second rest. Really focus on squeezing those biceps. You should feel it right
away and this is a medium pace. So just like before we’re gonna try to go a
little bit lower and focus on strength here Deep breaths were almost through. Here we go in three two one Last four Three Two One! Great job. Rest
shake it out one more to go and you made it through this workout. Great job staying
with me. I’m feeling it too right there with you. Like I say you can always
switch to the lower part of the handlebar if you want a little more of a
challenge otherwise place your hands right on the top. Meet me at the top
we’re going to go through our last set of 15 you can do this. In four three two
one Last ten Nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One You did it! Great job,
that was such a good total body workout and you stuck there right with me. I’m so
proud of you and now it’s time to cool down the body Great job making it through today’s
workout. Now it’s time to cool down our body bring that heart rate down and do a
little bit of cooldown stretching. We’re gonna hold each of these movements for
30 seconds so make sure you have a comfortable surface. I have my Sunny
Health & Fitness yoga mat. If you don’t have that that’s fine just make sure
you’re on something where you can feel nice and comfortable. So join me on your
mats. We’re gonna lay right on our back We’re first gonna stretch up our
hamstrings. I’m gonna pull in my right leg , place my hands on the back of my
hamstrings, make sure that you’re not placing your hands over the knees, and
keep a slight bend in your leg. You can also bend that leg that’s gonna be flat
on the ground because the most important thing we want here is to make sure your
hips are planted firmly on your yoga mat and pull in if you want to feel
a little bit more of a stretch, try to straighten those legs. Bring that heel
towards the sky we’re gonna rest here for 30 seconds. Just breathe through it
feel a nice deep stretch. Now these stretches in this cool-down are designed
to stretch out all of those muscle groups we work in today’s workout. All
right we have three more seconds here two and one. Switching legs bring that
left leg in same thing make sure your hands are not planted behind your knees
up just a little bit further down or you can grab up by your calf. Make sure those hips stay planted on the ground Point flex that heel to the sky
and pull in for that nice deep hamstring stretch Just like that. Think
about how proud you should be for getting through today’s great workout Alright moving on. Now we’re gonna
stretch out our glutes so let’s bring that right leg up one more time this
time we’re gonna bring that knee to the chest. We’re gonna rotate our knee to our
left side as your gaze goes the opposite direction. So my gaze is to the right.
You’re gonna feel a nice deep stretch here in your glutes but also in your
torso really pull that knee to the chest and again breath through it. We’re
bringing our heart rate down. Another 30 seconds here. Great job. That’s four three two one meet me back in the middle we’re gonna switch sides left leg comes into
the chest and we’re gonna face our gaze to the left side other knee drops to the
right pulling that knee to the chest so you really feel that nice deep glute
stretch but also stretching out again our core and our torso opening up the
chest Great job. Last three two and one Bring it back to the middle. Now we’re gonna lift off of our mats and we’re gonna
go into a nice kneeling hip flexor stretch. So make sure again you have that
soft surface and if anything you can always grab a pillow and place it under
your feet we’re going to do is bring our right
legs up and the further out you plant your right foot the deeper of a hip
stretch you’re going to be. So our right leg is out in front and then our left
arm is up. We’re gonna open up and really sink into those hip flexors. 30 seconds here Great job stretching and cooling down after work out like that is
so important try to sink just a little bit deeper For four Three Two One meet me at the back of the mat and bring
that left leg in front right arm up opening to the outside and sinking nice
and deep in those hip flexors. You want a little feel it a little more in your hip
flexors just bring your foot out but an inch more. deep breaths here For four three two and one Great job. Now we’re going to move on and
stretch out that back. So you can grab a chair yoga ball whatever you have at
home. I’m gonna grab my Sunny Health & Fitness yoga ball. We’re gonna place our
hand on the top of the ball or the top of the chair, whatever it may be. All
you’re gonna do is stretch out in tabletop position.
Perfect Like I said this cool down is focusing on every muscle group we worked
in today’s workout. 30 second hold Stay here with me sink into that stretch Nice job. Almost there. For five four three two and one You officially made it through the entire
medium workout for today. Great job. I’ll see you next time

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