Meet Amelia, a healthcare assistant in the NHS

I’m Amelia and I’m a healthcare assistant
apprentice for South Tyneside Foundation Trust. I’m on primrose unit which is ward 20 and
it’s a palliative end of life care word. But I mostly work on the end of life side,
so it’s people who have needs mostly of comfort and just to generally look after them
because they are at the very end of their life. You deal a lot with the families because you
have to pass on a lot of information to them. You have to talk about what the plans will
be after that patient dies. And often you can’t communicate with the patient, which
I think’s the hardest thing, so you don’t know whether the care you are giving them
is exactly what they want. But it’s just what we’ve got to do to keep them comfortable. I went to my careers advice officer in school
and I said are there any apprenticeships going for nursing? And straight away she oh yes,
the NHS one. It’s brilliant because you are with a group of people who become your
family. You learn on the job and you get the best training. What I love about my job is just working so
close to these patients who you know, rely on you for everyday things that they used
to be able to do. And I think on the end of life side of it, you are there for them, but
it’s also that you’re the last voice they hear, the last face they see and it’s sort
of like a humbling thing to know that.

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