Meet Aylin Downey, DO, Obstetrics & Gynecology | Ascension Michigan

my name is Aylin Downey and I’m an
obstetrician-gynecologist I chose obstetrics and gynaecology for a
variety of reasons the specialty is very versatile you have the ability to do
surgery work in a clinic do in office procedures I think the most rewarding part of my
job is just connecting with and empowering women at all stages of their
life whether that be one of the first times they see a doctor when they’re an
adolescent when they’re in their teenage to early adult years and seeking
preventive health care and wanting to talk about contraception navigating a
pregnancy and helping them achieve a safe and really wonderful experience for
their birth or if it’s later in their life towards menopause and they’re
thinking about you know changes with their body and helping them navigate
those parts of it I think as a physician one of the most
important things that we can do is listen to our patients listen to their
needs and provide them with all the knowledge that they need to make the
most informed decision about their health so that’s why I think that
listening is extremely important in the doctor-patient relationship some things I like to do outside of work
I really like to stay active so I do like to run I also enjoy practicing yoga
I have been I was raised in Michigan lived here almost my whole life so I’m
used to the cold and I do really enjoy a cross-country skiing and other outdoor
things in the in the winter I also just really enjoy spending times with my time
with my loved ones

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