Meet Barbara Goff, M.D., Gynecology & Cancer Care Provider | UW Medicine

so exciting every day when I go to clinic
is I show up and I see these patients who
all of the statistics said that they shouldn’t
be alive, that they should have died of their cancer. And yet, they’re here. They’re long-term survivors. And I think what’s been exciting
is through our research, our clinical trials,
and our innovation, every day we have these small
miracles of patients who are surviving when they shouldn’t. And we’re really starting to
see the needle move with respect to cancer treatment and
I think that’s what’s so exciting about being here. We’re able to offer things
that no other institution in this region can offer. And we’re often
doing the research that is setting the
clinical standards for the rest of the country. That ability to offer
patients new things and to participate in the
research and the innovation that we do, that’s
what keeps me excited and it’s fun to come
to work every day.

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