Meet Beth Truman, RNC-OB, WHNP-BC, Women’s Health | Ascension Texas

Hello, my name is Beth Truman, I am a Nurse
Practitioner for Women’s Health. I chose to go into healthcare because, kind
of cliché, I wanted to help people. But I have found that, being in healthcare
the patients have become a part of my life, and I’ve become a part of their life. And so now, we’re just one family. The reason why I went into Women’s Health
was because I was a Labor and Delivery nurse for a long time, and it was just a natural
progression. And now, my main focus in our practice is,
I do a lot of the menopause and the sexual medicine. I think it’s most important for patients to
understand that, someone will listen to them. That I am a mom and a single mom at that. So, I feel like that is something special
I can bring to the table. Of listening ear, a helpful hand, someone
to talk too. I have a son at Ole Miss, go Reds, right? And, I have two dogs and I have a Husky. And I’m currently training her to get on my
paddle board and my kayak, to go with me. So that’s what I do on the weekends. The most rewarding thing about being a Nurse
Practitioner is, learning about my patients and their families. And seeing them grow through time. You know, from the beginning when they have
babies, to their babies having babies. That’s the most rewarding for me.

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