Meet Chaksau Sharma, MD, Family Medicine and Women’s Health | Ascension Wisconsin

Hi! I’m Dr. C.C. Sharma. I’m a family medicine physician with a special
interest in women’s health. I think it just was very natural for me to
be in a place where I could take care of others on a different level, but also provide support
to some of my other women out there who are working and taking care of families. I really enjoy the variety in family medicine. I think it’s just a pleasure to be able to
go from an elderly patient and listen to some of their timeless stories, and how things
were for them, to a little two-year-old who you can just coo at and talk about cartoons
with. I really enjoy the connection that I make
with people. It still amazes me today how many of us just
feel validated when someone listens and takes the time to have a discussion with them. I love taking care of pet rabbits. I had a pet rabbit simply because of allergies
in the family, and so that was the go-to animal. Other than that, I do enjoy traveling, when
time and work allows. Most recently I traveled to China, so that
was an amazing experience.

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