Meet Chin-Feng “Dani” Lai, DNP, APNP, Women’s Health | Ascension Wisconsin

Hi. My name is Dani Lai. I am a doctor of nursing practice and family
practice, and I practice in women’s health. I have always loved working with people. I love empowering people to do their best
to take care of themselves. I love women’s health because I believe women
should have the power to take charge of their health and their life in general. I believe women, every woman, should take
time for themselves. In the last 16 years, I’ve found that women
always put themselves out there to help their family, to help their communities, which is
great, but often they forget to take care of themselves. I think the number one thing is just being
authentic, be me. Be honest, and show them that I am a doctor,
but I’m also your partner, working together. I think that’s the first step to build a patient

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