Meet Christina Jahncke, M.D. Gynecology & Maternity Care Provider | UW Medicine

I chose UW Medicine because I came from a Navy
background, my first four years of training working in
very small hospitals in Japan and on Whidbey Island. And I came to Northwest
Hospital because I appreciate the intimate community
family feel of the hospital while also having access to
the resources of a larger medical center and
advanced research. I had a very unique patient
interaction recently actually. She came back to me for
her second pregnancy and I hadn’t remembered
this but she reminded me that her first daughter
who I delivered was born on my daughter’s
first birthday. And then so she was very
excited to come back to me for her second
Delivery, And I think that’s one of the
most rewarding things that I’ve experienced in
my career, the privilege of delivering more than one
baby for a woman and her family. So I see health care as
a collaborative process between myself and the patient
because it’s very important that you present
all the treatment options available
for the patient and go over the
risks and benefits so you can make a
decision together, an informed decision together.

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