Meet Dr. Roy Clark, MD | Obstetrics and Gynecology | Meet Dr. Right

My approach to patient care I think is really
just to listen to them mostly. I still remember to this day I was a medical
student, my father-in-law was a cardiologist and the thing he said to me I still try to
live by to this day is if you give the patient a chance to talk they will tell you what’s
wrong with them. If you just allow them to give you enough
information and that’s probably the smartest thing I ever heard anybody say and still the
way I try to take care of my patients today. I chose obstetrics and gynecology because
it’s a profession where you can see someone through their whole lives. I’ve seen women when they were young and we
talked about birth control and delivered their babies and now we’re talking about menopause. Having done this for 20 years it goes through
their entire lives and so you really get to know people pretty well. I’ve seen some young women now who I delivered
when they were babies. So it makes me feel old but it’s nice to have
that ongoing contact. I think the most important thing I’d want
patients to know about us is that were a small group that Monica and I, my partner, Monica
Philipkosky, really try to get to know everyone because there’s only two of us, and so we’re
not a very large group, there is only two of us that are going to be there when they
have the baby so people get to know us pretty well.

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