Meet Jill Moore, APRN-CNP, Obstetrics and Gynecology | Ascension Oklahoma

Hi I’m Jill Moore I am a nurse
practitioner specializes in obstetrics and gynecology Been doing this for many many years and
specialized in obstetrics and gynecology back in 1978 so we’ve been seeing a lot
of women’s health for many years, love doing it, it’s my specialty
we worked in labor and delivery when I initially got out of nursing school and
went on to graduate school at the University of Oklahoma, go boomer Sooners,
and we enjoy taking care of all age groups of women including for prenatal
care as well as gynecological services throughout the lifespan I love my job, I love taking care of
women, I love taking care of women who are having babies,
I love newborn babies and have always enjoyed the thrill of bringing new life
into the world, we have specialized in obstetrics because of that reason and I
think our mission here through our Lord Jesus Christ is to get our babies here
healthy and happy and we also see women who are now finished with having babies
and taking care of them through menopause All women know what’s wrong with them
what’s happening and what they’re going through their feeling is steering
pregnancy as well as when they’re not pregnant
and especially going through menopause is a challenge as well Well I’m very active in my family I have
six grandchildren and a daughter who’s a physician, my son is a videographer and
my oldest daughter is one of the local judges there and I have six they have
three children and my youngest daughter has two children, my son has one child so
we have six grandchildren between us so we’re busy and in all of their
activities and Boy Scouts and the community activities, I’m very involved
in our church, St. Anthony’s Catholic Church and I’m a coordinator of
religious education there so we’re doing all kinds of things there

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