Meet Karen Watson, MD, FACOG, Obstetrics/Gynecology | Ascension Wisconsin

Hi, my name is Karen Watson, I’m an OB-GYN. As a child, I’ve always been interested in
science, so I’m primarily a scientist and the science that I chose to make my lifelong
career is medicine. I enjoy performing surgeries and procedures,
such as deliveries. I look at that as a procedure, also as a natural
process, but it gives me great pleasure to perform these procedures for women and infants. I enjoy gynecologic surgery the most. You get great joy from alleviating the pain
of someone who’s been suffering from fibroids or abnormal bleeding. I’m pretty honest and open about everything;
I don’t like to hem and haw around the subject, and I like to be direct and open with the
patients. In order to make a proper diagnosis, it’s
very important to listen to the patient give the symptoms and to listen to what the expectations
of care are. So, it is important to go over what a patient’s
expectations are prior to performing any procedures, or even during the course of pre-natal care. I focus on health and fitness, nutrition,
so I am always working on eating a proper diet as well all sorts of physical activities
such as running, cycling, martial arts, yoga, and I’ve been practicing martial arts and
yoga for a long time and in order to have a healthy body, you have to do these things. The couch is not your friend and fast food,
that doesn’t do you any good, either.

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