Meet Katherine McLean, M.D., Gynecology & Maternity Care Provider | UW Medicine

MD: What I enjoy most about my
patient interactions is seeing how strong and
determined my patients are. And I’m really inspired by that. And I think you really get to
see that in the labor and birth process. And you also get to see that
on the gynecology spectrum of things, as well. A lot of my gynecology patients
are a little bit older, and watching them recover
from surgery, for example, I see that same
determination, and I find that really inspiring. One of the things I
also enjoy is really being there for my
patients as much as I can. It doesn’t always
work out this way, but I really do like to be
able to participate directly in my patients
births, if possible. And I was able to come
to the hospital for one of my patient’s births
just earlier this week. And it’s really special
to get to be the one to take care of somebody
for every visit, and then to get to be
there for the birth. And that’s really
wonderful continuity. I like that a lot. I’m already having
repeat patients for their second pregnancies,
and their second birth with me. And I really love getting
to know somebody, and be able to be present with them
throughout the whole process. And it takes years to form
that kind of relationship. And that’s what I enjoy the
most, is the continuity.

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