Meet Kathryn M. Meyer, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology | Ascension Wisconsin

hi my name is Kathryn Meyer I am an
ob/gyn physician I’ve been interested in healthcare ever
since I’ve been a child throughout grade school in high school as well I
was always interested in science and anatomy and physiology I remember having
a doctor kit when I was a kid but what really really sealed the deal for me was
that I realized that I was comfortable talking to people about health care
issues I liked the science I liked explaining
things and teaching people and it was just something that I found it could be
good at it which come whether it was conversations about health I chose OBGYN because I really like
women’s health but more than that I like the blend that it allows us to have
between some primary care some surgical interventions delivering babies and then
still maintaining an office practice with some longevity where we follow
patients through the years I would like patients to know that I
will do my very best to meet their needs I try to listen and answer all their
questions I try to motivate them to take better care of themselves and their
babies my practice is an open general OBGYN practice
I enjoy delivering babies I do some high-risk OB I also very much enjoy the
gynecology part of my practice I am fully trained in the minimally invasive
procedures I have four children and so the majority
of my spare time is centered around their activities they were all into a
variety of different sports their ages are grade school high school in college
so that’s the majority when I get time for myself I like to exercise garden ski

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