Meet Lori O’Neal, APNP, WHNP, Women’s Health | Ascension Wisconsin

Hi, I’m Lori O’Neal and I’m a women’s health
nurse practitioner. Oh, I was always interested in science and
the human body and people. I used to love to watch “Marcus Welby, MD,”
growing up, which shows my age, but that’s okay. I think women’s health is really important
and really interesting. I think women do so very much in their lives
and are very busy taking care of, often, everybody else, their children and jobs and partners
and houses and take very little time for themselves, which I think we need to encourage women to
do. I very much care about the people that I am
lucky enough to see and that I’m a good listener. I’m very thorough and really try to provide
them with good evidence-based information and then support them in whatever decision
is right for them in their lives. Well, I love to read good literature. I love being outside biking. I love gardening and I love being with my
family. I’ve been married for, this’ll be our 35th
wedding anniversary this year and we have two children, one who lives in Colorado and
one who lives in Chicago. I always love to see them and family is very
important to me.

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