Meet Michael Gonzalez, DO, Obstetrics/Gynecology | Ascension Wisconsin

hello I’m Michael Gonzalez and I’m an
ob/gyn I was always interested in human
anatomy human development you know and and so it just kind of naturally led into you know my pursuit of medicine I was going through my first ob/gyn
rotation and just I just remember you know my first delivery and it was kind
of an emergency and I just remember I wasn’t really the one that was doing the
delivery at that time because I was so new to everything and the you know
the overseeing you know the physician in the corner just saying okay get the baby
out he was so calm and it was just kept it was just amazing how everybody was
working together and also there was this life I like to try and you know first you
know get to know the patient and and and I ask them questions and see what
their concerns and needs are and then I try and you know process all of that and
then and then try and educate them tell them about their condition and
then once we’ve kind of got in there I can I can hopefully personalize their
treatment plan by giving them options and explaining why I think that
different ways you know are different modes might fit them better the variety though of an ob/gyn is what
really appeals to me the most you know so you have on some level of course the
preventative care in office work where you get to know people you know for over
you know over time you know and then on the same level you’re also doing
procedures so you do some procedures in the office and then you get to also do
surgeries so you actually are doing some surgeries you know as well and then and
then you get deliver babies it’s just no other specialties seem to kind of have
all of those different elements I have two sons that are very crazy um and a
lot of fun you know I actually into yoga yoga which is it’s really kind of
changed a lot about you know how I kind of approach life and and as made me
made me more conscious of of health I think in general you know I like you
like to movies I like to read

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