Meet Michael T. Breen, MD, Women’s Health | Ascension Texas

Hello, I’m Michael Breen and my specialty
is women’s health. I started as a family practitioner but decided
women’s health was my real area of interest so I pursued a residency in obstetrics and
gynecology and have practiced women’s health here in Austin since 2000. I take care of the entire patient and I have
one of my assets is listening skills so I want to hear what your problems are. And most importantly, what can I address for
you at today’s visit. One of the big aspects of my job that I like
is the ability to teach. I will have medical students, residents, sometimes
other faculty members interacting surgically. And going through complex patient problems
together. And part of the medical school experience
with UT Dell here in Austin allows us to bring that to our patients. Which, we feel is a big value added. I do a lot of work with the International
and National Endometriosis Societies and fine that with my expertise I can interact with
other specialists around the world to help find solutions to this problem that’s been
crippling for so many women. I like to run. I run with a marathon running group here in
Austin. I ran the New York Marathon to raise money
for endometriosis and I’ve run the Boston Marathon three times to raise money for the
Dana-Farber Cancer Society. So you might say I’m crazy or you might say
I like to run. So people say both.

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