Meet Paula R. Hubert, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology | Ascension Wisconsin

hi I’m Paula Hubert and I’m an OBGYN or
I specialize in obstetrics and gynecology I have always had a long
interest from as far back as I can remember in helping others and the human
body and how it works that led me to biochemistry as an undergraduate major
and eventually medical school I’ve always had a strong desire to help
others and growing up with four sisters I think women’s health was where I ended
up naturally I went into ob/gyn because women’s
health interests were always one of my passions I did my first rotation and
OBGYN delivered a baby and I was hooked to be a part of that monumental time in
someone’s life that you know they’re going to remember is a privilege and an
honor it it’s just amazing I don’t even know if I could put it into words each
one is still unique and special I love the fact that I can build
relationships with women I see women from adolescence so in their early teens
tweens all the way to my oldest patients can be 98 developing those relationships
and working together with them to improve their health and collaborate on
how they can feel better and let them be part of their health care and their
healthcare decisions many patients have told me I’m
non-judgmental and they feel comfortable with me I want to work with you and help
you find the best option not just direct what I think you should do I would like
to teach you help you learn about what’s going on whatever problem you may have
and help make the right decision that’s right for you as a patient I was active
duty in the Air Force for eight years and spent four years in inactive
reserves I feel it’s a duty and honor to serve those who have served or their
dependents significant others I’m very patriotic I love my country I like to do anything outdoors I like to
spend time with my husband and my family we love to travel and hike and do lots
of things outdoors while we’re traveling I also like to ski I like to bike I like
to workout like to read

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