Meet Stefanie M. Hernet, CNM, Obstetrics/Gynecology | Ascension Wisconsin

hi I’m Stephanie Hernet I’m a certified
nurse midwife and I practice ob/gyn and women’s health I always was interested
in medicine thought I wanted to be a physician from a very young age kind of
started out in that path and then had an advisor in my college career who steered
me towards midwifery and I found that it was a perfect fit for me I loved being
with women and helping women and watching them become moms helping women become moms is probably my
favorite part getting to see that miracle of birth every day never really
gets old I love what I do I love spending time
with patients I love to do as much education as I can in the time that we
are allotted in the office I love to be at the bedside doing labor support as
much as I am able to and absolutely love doing water births it’s a wonderful
experience for mom and baby it’s a calm relaxing environment it’s just very
different than what a lot of women expect and most women who go through and
have a water birth choose to never do it any other way besides that again it really just all kind of comes down to
introducing yourself right off the bat and letting them know that they’re kind
of in charge of this process assuming that both mom and baby are healthy they
need to just kind of tell me what they want and I am there to support them in
their decisions and try and give them the best birth experience that I can and
that usually seems to put people at ease kind of right off the bat to know that
I’m not going to come in there and start dictating and taking over well I have four kids ages 5 to 13 so
they keep me pretty busy so I like to volunteer at their school as
much as possible my girls are all in dance so I’m kind of
a dance mom when I’m not being mom I love to go boating with my family on the
summer I’m not a winter person so it kind of hibernate in the winter but I
love to be outside in the summer love to go to movies my husband is a musician so
I’d love to go and watch him play as much as possible

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