Men’s Facial Hair Styles Women Love and Hate

– Hey you, so I’m joined here
by my girlfriend, Sabrina. – Hello. – And so, Sabrina is
beautiful obviously, but she’s also from Europe, Germany
specifically, and I thought it would be really interesting
to get her European perspective about men’s
facial hair and what women prefer versus an American
perspective, which obviously, I will provide. So, first up is the Biebs. So, what do you think? – I mean I like it, but it
looks a little bit young. I mean, looks like 12 years with that, – Peach fuzz. – It’s not enough. I think you have a lot
of hair on your face or you just shave it. – Having peach fuzz looks good on no man, no man whatsoever. It makes you look like an adolescent boy, so if you have peach fuzz,
just shave it off completely. Next, we’ve got the Magnum P.I. What do you think? – That reminds me of my
grandpa to be honest. I wouldn’t like that on my boyfriend, maybe in like 30 years. – I know. I always associate the
mustache with older men. I just think it always looks so terrible. It never looks good. Even younger kids are tryin’
to pull it off these days. If you want some kind of facial hair, especially if you have a small upper lip, then just have some stubble all around and just have a little bit of stubble up here on the mustache
area and all around. I think it looks a lot better than having that full mustache. The handlebar. What do you think? – This looks like a French dude from the 20’s, 30’s, no, no. I don’t like that. – No, I know. It’s very goofy. It’s hard to take someone
seriously that has that handlebar mustache. – Yeah, and it looks
like he takes a long time in the bathroom to you know make this. So, he would be a long
time in the bathroom for looking, I don’t know, funny. – It almost seems like you want attention. You want the attention. You’re like an attention
whore, so that’s not something that’s attractive to women. Okay, so Sabrina I think
you’re really gonna like this next one. It’s the, I just let it grow beard. What do you think? – Nah. – Would you date someone like that? – No, because I think this looks homeless. He doesn’t care at all. It should look like a little bit trimmed and just looks a little bit dirty. – Yes, it looks, see that’s the thing. When you just let that beard grow for women, it looks dirty. Like, it really does. You look just not clean. – Especially if you have
maybe a little bit food or something in it. – Yeah, no woman’s gonna
wanna be near someone that looks dirty and when
you have an overgrown beard like that it really,
it says a lot to us and we wanna stay away. Alright, so doesn’t this look much better? – Yes, that looks so much better. He looks like a different person. I wouldn’t even recognize him. – So, I think Andrew Garfield
looks a million times better with a little bit of stubble on his face. For those of you out there
that have more of an oblong or diamond shaped face, having stubble around your jawline
actually adds more visual weight here, so it just keeps
everything in proportion. It looks a lot better on your face. It just gives more weight
especially when you have more of a narrow jaw. The goatee. (laughing) I don’t think that’s a good reaction. No, if Ben Affleck can’t pull it off, then definitely you can’t pull it off. So, that leads me into the next one which is the chin-only goatee. – Oh my God, that’s even worse (laughing). – Talk about 90’s right. – Yeah, okay. – 90’s, early 2000’s,
no, no, is that better? – I do know that this
one will come so okay, better do Ben Affleck than this. This is just, I don’t know,
like you missed something. It just looks like he
forgot to shave a part of his face, it’s weird, no. What do you think about the
maintained beard, Mr. Legend? – Yeah, that one’s really nice. You see that he’s working on
his face and he’s shaving it and it looks really
clean, but very masculine and I really like that
one, especially when you have dark hair. – Doesn’t it look nice
when it’s just like a Ben Affleck where it’s
like a fuller beard, but the key, the key
to doing this and this is a very important point, is to make sure that you take care to shave your cheeks area as well as the
hair that’s on your neck because that can destroy
a stubble/bearded look. It can make it look really messy. Also, if you are gonna
do that fuller beard like Ben Affleck, it’s
important to shape your beard. You don’t wanna just let it grow because hair grows at different
lengths and so it can get like patchy in other areas, in some areas. So, you really wanna shape the beard so that it compliments your face shape. So, you see how the beard, it’s grown a little bit longer here. So, for those of you
that have a rounder face, again, you always want
to play with the shape of your beard to help keep everything in proportion to one another. You wanna kind of add more weight down low on the chin area by
growing your facial hair a little bit longer here,
because what it does it takes a rounder face
and helps just kind of make it more oblong, so it really
helps kind of balance it so that you don’t have
these big cheeks here so it really just kinda narrows it down. I don’t know if a lot of
guys in Europe sport this, but what do you think
about the soul patch? – Yeah, some guys do that (laughing) some, but I wouldn’t recommend it because I don’t know what this is
because he has no hair at all, but then on this weird point, yeah. – Even if you have hair on your head don’t ever sport a soul patch. I feel like a lot of
older men, they sport that because they wanna look hip and cool. – It’s not hip. – No, not at all. I don’t care if you’re
young or old, please don’t ever just have
that little piece of hair goin’ on right there. What do you think of, I’m gonna call it the magician look? – Yeah, I think that
one’s actually attractive. – Really? – Yeah, don’t you think so? – No, oh, my God. – Maybe it’s a European
thing or a German thing or my thing, I don’t know, but I think because he has some stubble. – I guess this is where we
differ then, because I think it looks so, it looks like a joke. It looks like that he’s
going, like he’s gonna play this like character, like in Harry Potter. – Maybe it’s just because
I think he is attractive. On another man it would look weird. – This other picture,
don’t you think he looks so much better when he
just has stubble all over and it’s not that weird
beard and goatee situation. – Maybe the point was
that he’s just attractive. – Yeah, maybe that’s it. Maybe if you look like
David Beckham I guess you could pull it off. He looks 100 times
better with just stubble or clean shaven. – This looks very young
and for me, this would be the perfect beard. – So then, no on the original. – On David Beckham, yes. On some other guys, no. – And lastly, but while
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you can get a notification whenever I upload a video. Here we go. It is the clean-shaven look. What do you think? – I think this is, that’s timeless. You can always wear that. For some man, they
should always wear that. They should always go without a beard. – Without a beard, clean shaven. – Yeah, but the other
way around it’s the same. Some men just don’t look attractive. They don’t feel comfortable
without a beard. I like both as long as you keep it clean and this is obviously
the cleanest version. – If you’ve got a baby
face then, you’ll want a little bit of stubble
can actually make you look a little bit older, a
little bit more sophisticated. Now that’s depending
though, if you can grow the stubble, because if you can only grow some peach fuzz, like
the Biebs, then that, you should just completely
shave it and have the clean-shaven look and embrace that. It’s really important for
men, for you guys out there, to play around and see, do
I look good clean-shaven? Do I look good with a
little bit of stubble? Or, should I grow out my beard? But, I think the consensus
is we both agree, is either clean-shaven,
a little bit of stubble or a little bit more of
a groomed beard versus all those other horrible,
horrible variations of and styles on men’s faces. Sabrina, thank you so
much for joining today and providing your European perspective. – You’re welcome. – And, wait, so before I sign
off, how do you say, bye, in German? – We say, juice. – Okay, alright, juice.

100 Replies to “Men’s Facial Hair Styles Women Love and Hate”

  1. What women love and what they hate and it’s 2 women and there opinions u don’t speak for every single woman

  2. both the girls basically had a bias towards clean shaved face.. so almost all beard styles were off putting for them… this is a useless video because what it might do is make someone who is thinking of facial hair uncomfortable about the idea and put them off completely.. thumbs down

  3. Lets talk about your puffy bags underneath your eyes. Should we also mention that you literally look like a lollipop shape figuring! You have an unproportional head to the length of your neck and skinny boned tree trunk looking human! You speak on beards like you had one yourself.

  4. You also have an overbite! Your husband must of been desperate and felt he couldnt have another woman so he settled for you.

  5. don't listen to these girls. grow whatever facial hair you want, cause the only person you need to make happy is yourself.

  6. As an American man who has lived in Europe, I can definitively tell you that the German woman represents the everyday European female while the American woman represents the everyday American female. See the difference ? The American female host looks a bit mentally retarted.. the weak chin and eyes are so close together..

  7. Handlebar mustaches are great and the men who wear them like Greg Norton of Hüsker Dü, I’m sure, were taken very seriously. A woman who doesn’t appreciate a man who’s confident with his facial hair is a woman who’s insecure with herself. Probably has daddy issues, too.

  8. Girls: i want a guy with
    A really specific beard
    6 feet tall
    A rolls royce
    Rollex watch
    A hirg end ceo job

    Guys: i just prefer blond chicks with a good personality

    Feminist: WHAT DID YOU SAY

  9. I have a mustache gives me motivation girls because an formula 1 driver Daniel Richardo Australian guy who has a mustache and the girls go grazy for him that's why I am keeping it right now he has the mustache like forever and is still sexy

  10. You must know that men do not like women, early thirties, with long hair, without style or cut, it's so teenager, grow up and have a hair cut.

  11. Full beard all day. It feels better for both men and women. Short beards are scratchy and itch like crazy. Mustaches are creepy. Let the beard grow so it can come in natrualy then trim it into shape once it is full lools awsome. So ladies our beards are our way to exspress our selves. You wear makeup and other things men think are stupid. Remember our bodies our choice.

  12. While I appreciate the opinions from the girls, it looked as if they based off of facial attractiveness rather than the beard itself and they knew absolutely nothing about facial hair so f*ck this video and their opinions

  13. I wouldn't go next or near any of those two ladies….
    But I wouldn't be offended if they said the same about me, living in glasshouses and all that….

  14. These "women" have no idea what they are talking about…the magician? so apparently only stubble is acceptable to them.

  15. Hey men….you don't need any ones permission to wear whatever facial hair style you want to. I usually clean shave or have a thick nice beard…and sometimes when I'm feeling particularly alpha….I rock a mustache. No one's opinion on your facial hair matters except yours. If you're doing anything to attract a woman…your doing it wrong. Do it because you want to.

  16. European women seem to have no interesting taste.
    Clean shaven makes a man look like a boy. The beard is the most classic. 1000s of years vs a little less than a 1000 years of history.
    These girls had very little taste.

  17. Opinions are like assholes ladies. Women's expectations for men today are just so rediculous it makes me want to vomit. I'm all about natural smells, natural bodies and natural looks. All that matters is if I like what I'm wearing or how I look. If I'm confident in me, a woman will be much more attracted than worrying about my facial hair.

  18. I must confess that I was annoyed by their reactions, but to be fair it's only an opinion and there is no need to hate on them because of it. The biggest mistake is in the way of how they present the video: "Facial Hair Styles WOMEN Love and Hate", as if this was an
    objective truth or a general consensus based on research. If it was "Facial hair styles that I love and hate" (even though they mostly judge the beard by how attractive the man is lol) people wouldn't be hating so much.

  19. We don't have facial hair to make women happy. Just like women don't wear makeup to make men happy. We do those things cause it makes US happy! Men don't make fun of makeup because its offensive to women. So why make fun of men facial hair?

  20. My lady dosen't love the full beard but a goat T "both styles " she loves and the magician look is called the Van Dyke or rather a variant of it

  21. I'm fucked off I gave these 2 a view… Imagine if this was 2 men telling women what they should do with there hair that men prefer….

  22. So in the end the girls like the "boy" look. OK. Men are basically hated in society today, so this makes sense. Maybe next time get a couple of women to do the review?

  23. Good thing real men dont give af about what women think. And women dont care either when your bank account is large enough

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