Mentice at Pareto Securities’ Health Care Conference 2019

This is Pavas Mehra we are at Pareto
Securities’ annual health care conference and with me today I have the chairman of
Mentice, Lawrence Howell welcome thank you for having me please tell us a little
bit more about your company and the products Mentice is the world’s leading
provider of endovascular simulation hardware and software we work with all
of the world’s major medical device manufacturers and helping them
demonstrate their new devices and helping them train doctors from
hospitals and using the devices we also work with about 400 hospitals so far in
helping them train doctors in the general practice of endovascular surgery
as well as advancing their skills with regard to specific devices so that’s a
global business of ours we have about a hundred people involved in developing
the hardware and software a sales organization and a support organization
divided between Stockholm I’m sorry and Göteborg, Denver, Chicago, Beijing,
Tokyo and we have some offices in Europe as well. And you were listed on Stockholm
First North earlier this summer and the stock price reaction has been great
since then but for the investor is looking forward what should they focus
on are there any key events that they should be on the lookout for well it’s
always helpful if our revenues and our business grow as it’s been growing in
the past we anticipate that’ll be the case the primary drivers for that going
forward I think will be three or four different things number one we are
advancing our ability to convert our business from being just a training
business to a business that is actively involved in the actual surgical
procedures so we today have the capability to provide surgeons an image
of the patient that they are going to operate on either immediately or
tomorrow and do what is called mission rehearsal with those doctors with a
whole team around a table a cat lab which is normally the facility used to
perform the surgery so they can operate in effect on the patient in a virtual
environment immediately before performing the
surgery so that’s a big step for us stepping out of the pure training
environment enhancing that is the fact that we’ve got a joint venture and a
joint venture distribution arrangement with Siemens and Philips who sell about
half of the world’s cat labs every year a couple thousand nearly a couple of
thousand and we have interfaced our equipment with them so that every doctor
and every hospital that has a cat lab in their in their surgical rooms are
actually able to use our facilities to practice on their machines using our
interfaced equipment to do simulation on actual k patient cases or on test
patient cases so that’s a major development we have two other
initiatives that we think are quite exciting one is we are in a position to
convert some of the inputs that we make in simulation which we measure and we
measure speed rotation force for every surgical practice that people do and
that’s input that we can provide to robotic procedures going forward at a
distance to sort of provide input as let’s say mentors to the robots and
finally we’re in a position because we need to expedite the rate of transition
of data from machines like x-rays and from MRIs to information that is usable
in a surgical environment we are converting that data into 3d digital
images which can be used in simulation and we’ve made some major progress where
we can convert the images sometimes in a matter of seconds to data that can be
used live and people could actually during the surgery use our live data in
order to simulate difficult parts of the surgery so that’s exciting for us as
well yeah. That really sounds exciting thank you for being here today Mr.
Lawrence Howell and we are looking forward to following Mentice going
forward as well. Thank you. Thank you

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