Mercedes-Benz GLE (2018): All Kinds of Strength | Trailer

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  1. Miss the W163. Every year it gets a little less capable. Those wheels and tyres are a terrible combo for even a dirt road and I miss the low ratio transfer case. That said, it looks fantastic!

  2. This car is going to be a hit in terms of sales and would be the best generational model for the segment. The wheel arcs make it look aggressive and masculine and the grill looks proportional to the size of the car. I hope the LED day time running lights would come as standard especially the US model because it adds to the appeal even if the car ages.

  3. Cayenne wins it. The design of the new GLE is polarizing. I fall on the side who do not like it. Pity. Was hoping for something eye popping. Maybe the electric vehicles will have a better design when they come out by 2020

  4. Wow that's one ugly SUV.. are they kidding? Why have they gone backwards with the exterior design? Interior looks awesome but the exterior.. is unforgivable. I can't pay for this crap I'll start looking at Porsche and BMW. Thanks Mercedes.

  5. I am loving the shape of all new e-class series cars but not so much the headlights. It seems like the twin "eyebrow" design is forced into the shape of the headlight. They looked great on the w212 face-lift e-class sedan and coupe and were a success so Mercedes thought, ok, lets just use this design element whatever is the shape of the headlight. It doesn't work that way…

  6. A good job in the interior..
    Iam sorry to say this..
    The front looks soft..
    Rear looks like some japanese car..
    I believe the exterior of the older version was much better than the new one..

  7. Jesus, these cheesy ads with their generic architecture model surfer boys make me sick. Who makes these retarded commercials?

    Regarding the car: Looks boring and uninspired

  8. I have owned every ml (gle) model ever made and while i love the interior, the exterior is just dissapointing, the 2012 ml is better looking.

  9. Isn't the GLS supposed to be the one with 7 seats? Leave the GLE to be the sporty/aggressive one instead of the afterthought soccer mom car

  10. The interior needed a refresh so that's a thumbs up. The front and the wheels are amazing and much more sportier but man, even tho I'm a HUGE Mercedes fan I have to say those taillights are horrible. I always thought the GLE had very cool tail lights but now that they've changed it, it makes me want to hate this SUV.

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  12. Ugly taillamps spoiled the rare. Older GLE was better. Please don't do the same with GLS its current look is better then ever.

  13. Mercedes-Benz thank you so much for the new hot looking gle I hope I will get that baby one day! 😉 my parents been a fan for mercedas for a really long time hope I’ll get this baby here!!

  14. Is BMW paying Mercedes designers for such ugly designs. First CLS and now this ? Why ? Do not give away your throne MB. Please !

  15. And mt brother wanted to wait to get the new gle cause he wanted the big extended display and all the new jazz and then this comes out… Geting something else i guess xD

  16. Shit,i expected more,better buy new touareg in maximum,wanted to change my ml 2012 to new gle,no,touareg or x5 g05.

  17. Mercedes Benz cars expensive, expensive to maintain and unreliable. I still have my R – class one and don't want to use it any more. Even minor repairs cost so unreasonable. Get a Tesla instead 🙂

  18. @Mercedes-Benz  You are failing in the design of SUVs, and this GLE is one of the ugliest designs I have ever seen.I think you should take courses at BMW

  19. the new Mercedes benz gle suv was the best suv in my life and this suv is my lovely mostly for the amg line models great job for Mercedes benz

  20. The worst of Mercedes Benz by all units use code forbidden AE styles for fun destruction.

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  21. Мерседес всё дальше и дальше идёт в сторону пидоризации.

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