Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé (2020): All Kinds of Strength

67 Replies to “Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé (2020): All Kinds of Strength”

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  2. Nice works Mercedes Benz Germany, I wish you all the best in your endeavors & serving humanity!. 😎👍🌞🌈🌼

  3. 😍😻
    Seriously, the first GLE Coupé was so beautiful.
    But with this new GLE Coupé, I wouldn't to take my eyes of it. Drop and gorgeous. 🤤🤤
    Just watched spy video showed two GLE 63s (normal & coupé) testing at Nurburgring 😮😮

  4. Funny how the new BMW X4 , X6 have tried so hard to copy the GLC and GLE coupe designs..What does Mercedes do??? BRING OUT A NEW MODEL OF THE GLE!!! BMW Always in the shadow of the Merc Star 😄😄😄😄

  5. Who said you that you can't get strength, luxury and elegance together ?

    Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé.
    Have them all.

  6. Pure Masterpiece! 🤩
    Awww,…Mercedes-Benz can you just give me one as a present, even just for few days to experience?! …Seriously, I will give it back afterwards! 😊✌🏻,…My oh my, I would be in heaven,…Dear Lord make it happen! 🤗

  7. In my life I will never understand what to find attractive about these weird SUV coupes. I think they just look retarded.

  8. Finally a commercial which is worth naming itself from Daimler with a cool music and not like these uncool commercials from the last months

  9. mercedes cars are from another level, brazil loves mercedes benz, my future car will be a mercedes.
    2019 😊

  10. The car is gorgeous from inside and sexy from outside. All the cars made by you are always fantastic and superb as well. Your cars are of another level. I WILL ALWAYS BE A BIG FAN OF YOUES MERCEDES BENZ.

  11. Elegant, beautiful, powerful, top tecnology, once again mercedes GLE Coupe is the best , and a fanatstic evolution of the old one.

  12. The new 2020 GLE SUV Air-condition is horrible and very weak compared to other cars including other Mercedes (probably the GLE Coupé has same A/C parts as the regular GLE), can not handle 40'c summer heat, and some parts of the world like the Gulf countries gets to 50'c in mid-summer

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