Methodist Women’s Health leads in metro births

STAFF AT ONE LOCAL HOSPITAL ARE CELEBRATING A NEW MEDICAL MILESTONE. METHODIST WOMEN’S HEALTH LEADER IN BIRTHS… DOCTORS AND NURSES WITH A NEW RECORD SET.. KETV NEWSWATCH SEVEN’S JOBETH DEVERA TAKES US TO THE DELIVERY DESTINATION. IT’S MUSIC TO A NEW MOTHER’S AND FOR STAFF AT METHODIST WOMEN’S HOSPITAL.. IT’S ANOTHER PAT ON THE BACK. PLAYED…(Sue Korth, VP/COO Methodist Women’s Hospital: you walk around the hospital and see the smile on peoples faces ‘oh it’s another baby’) AND OH-BABY HAVE THERE BEEN BABIES HERE! IN 2014.. METHODIST HEALTH SET AN ALL-TIME RECORD FOR THE NUMBER OF BIRTHS IN ONE YEAR.(Sue Korth, VP/COO Methodist Women’s Hospital: we hit nearly 4500 this year and that blew out of the water our last years record which was close to 3,900) THAT’S AN AVERAGE OF JUST OVER 12 DELIVERIES DAY. IT’S A TRACK RECORD HOLLY PRENGER TRUSTS. ON WEDNESDAY — SHE GAVE BIRTH TO HER THIRD CHILD AT METHODIST.(Holly Prenger, mother: I did not leave town for 2 months before want to take a chance of having him anywhere but here) AND PRENGER SAYS SHE WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY. (Holly Prenger, mother: really it’s the people for us everybody from the people that that bring you your meals to people that care for me and for him, keep us coming back) IN OMAHA…(NATS lullaby playing again) …JOBETH DEVERA KETV NEWSWATCH SEVEN. ( ad lib )

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