Michigan Tech Research Forum – Loredana valenzano-Slough – November 2016

Alright. Good afternoon everybody. (inaudible)
I am an assistant professor of Chemistry. I’m in my fifth year.
So I’m a quantum chemist. Ta-da! Actually, I’m an applied quantum chemist. Okay? So what I do is to use state-of-the-art electronic
structure methods to describe how electrodes talk to each other — how electrodes intimately
talk to each other in order to form and break chemical bonds. The key feature of my research is validation,
mostly referring to (inaudible) forces. In particular, I can validate experimental
results from simple structures up to diffusion processes. And this can provide information in the prediction
of the behavior of material from the fundamental level towards the application. For example pharmaceuticals, explosives, porous
materials that can be used to separate different molecular species. In particular, my group, we have developed
an expertise in hydrocarbon separation in (inaudible) refining processes that now we
are bringing towards membranes — engineering of membranes. More recently, my most recent passion is about
the making (inaudible) of synthetic material by taking inspiration from nature. So, I’m done.

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