Microsoft for Healthcare | HIMSS 2019

[MUSIC]>>We’re at HIMSS in Orlando, Florida, HIMSS 2019. We’re talking about Microsoft for Healthcare. Ultimately, there are four things that we’re trying to do. Number one, we are enabling personalized care. Number two, we’re empowering care teams. Number three, we’re improving operational outcomes. Then finally, we’re reimagining healthcare. We’re launching a new set of capabilities called Teams for Healthcare.>>So, we are announcing new advanced messaging features and EHR integration into Microsoft Teams that creates a canvas for healthcare providers to communicate and collaborate in a secure environment.>>Every healthcare worker is someone who is on their feet. They’re mobile all the time. They’re not sitting behind an inbox all day waiting for stuff to arrive.>>We need to be able to bring the information to them in their workflow, and what Teams does is it allows them to bring all of that information right where they work. So, I’m going to mark this message as urgent. It’s a great way for clinicians to share files, chat with each other in a secure and compliant environment that really empowers them to deliver the best care possible for their patients.>>The Kno2 is interoperability as a service. So, our solution empowers care teams by providing real time access and sharing of patient information no matter where it may sit, by driving the reference directly into the M365 products, such as Teams.>>Avanade is a joint venture. We are owned by Accenture and Microsoft. The solution I’m really excited about is Field Service for Home Health which we’re using both Dynamics and Teams, and we’re using Teams as an area for all of the folks that are involved in the coordination of the patient’s care.>>Care team coordination is a really big challenge. We’ve moved from a system where patients used to have about two providers in their care team, and now it’s more like 30. So, you have a lot of people that need to know what’s happening. So, we want to take the obstacles out of the way and really help them do the best jobs that they can do and deliver the best care that they can deliver.>>Everything that we’re doing in the industry is based around ensuring that the data that customers have and own and the benefit that comes out of it continues to be accrued to them. No one is going to be successful in this industry if we don’t have the trust of our customers, the trust of our partners and the trust of our developers. [MUSIC]

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