Middle One Third Rule – Direct and Bending Stresses – Strength of Materials

okay now see I was explaining to you what is the meaning of middle one third rule see here in middle one third rule again we have to apply the no tension condition matlab yaha pe mein apko yeh bataunga kill load ko hame kidhar place karna hai in a rectangle see in simple words what is the meaning of middle one third rule middle one third rule ka meaning hai idhar hum load ko place karege jiske vajese is tension mein means here it should be only pure compression no tension in this section okay so middle one third rule equally a we would be using the no tension condition is it fine so I will write down here that using using no tension condition using no tension condition or no tension condition Omega batata that your direct stress should always be greater than or equal to bending stress find ya up corner of my this is your no tension condition okay therefore direct stress is load upon area bending stresses M by said and M by Z is P into e P into e upon Z take a next your I can write down therefore it is P upon area is B into D greater than or equal to P into e Abby’s zwg of calculating a seer this meter middle third rule which I am teaching to your middle third rule one the rule that will be with respect to X as well as with respect to Y so first I will write down Z the Z which I have written yeah is ex6 okay and what is Z X X Z X X is equal to I X X upon Y and what is IX x IX axis d cube by 12 divided by y and what is y why is d by 2 so Z X X is equal to BD square by 6 similarly similarly ham low clicks at the head z YY is equal to s kuribohs suppose I got DV square wise ticket to pay Liam love licking is at XX z XX is BD square by 6 BD square by 6 is that okay left hand side right hand side don’t know me say P cancel B gets cancelled you are also be cats cancel D cancel either say 8d cancel yes okay what happens here here I have D by 6 Yoda challenge aha so this would be therefore eccentricity I can write it down should be less than or equal to D by 6 okay a beer D by 6 um look mark cutting on this if I have D here then D by 6 will be some barrier it to top ravenna machia then at the bottom okay so this distance I am saying that it is d by 6 this is d by 6 d by 6 from top and D by 6 from bottom D divided by 6 taken so if I add this eccentricity D by 6 Mucha Mela hi from the center on y-axis surf a kiss I’d be a Garbo do no side path oh that becomes eccentricity will be total eccentricity will be D by 6 plus D by 6 that would be 2 D by 6 and that becomes D by 3 so the total eccentricity is d by 3 months of age of total a that is d by 3 fine jaywalk 4 XX now let me show you 4 YY cosmic yard difference I am okay instead of zxx I will write down side by Y so I have P upon a P upon a greater than or equal to P into e upon zy y taken so P upon area is B into D greater than or equal to P into e zy y is DB square by 6 DB square by 6 okay a via Hagana thick though I can cancel it out P and P B or B Y acid D or D gets cancelled so what is remaining eccentricity E is less than equal to B by 6 B by 6 to here I have B B by 6 my ex I prema katha suppose on this side I mark B by 6 B divided by 6 on the other side also I have to mark B by 6 be by six taken but the be by six is on one side if I calculate total so that would be capital e is equal to B by 6 plus B by 6 and in other words that is equal to B by 3 B by 3 again so now I have got one two three four these four points I can join them okay and then I can draw a section here now this section which I have got it is called as core of a section it is called as core of a section taken or s Rule qu y it is called as middle one third rule QK middle say at a time you are taking the distance that is 1/3

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  1. Respected Sir, I am working as a hydraulic engineer & have some problem in application of this rule in a real field condition.
    I have tried to explain you wit data…
    Net Vertical force =334.4304
    Net Horizontal force = 56.32512
    Net Resisting Moment = 1535.3316
    Net Overturning Moment = -212.8811328
    Net moment= 1322.450467
    Hence Stable in over turning

    position of resultant from toe = Net Moment/Vertical = 3.954336887
    Total Base width = 4.36
    e = -1.774336887

    Please provide me your contact Email address so that i can send you complete explanation.

  2. Sir mera 2 Q hai apse 1st one is that Z means moment of inertia,nd 2nd mere teacher ne E<_d/6 btaya…or ap E<_d/6 bta rhe hai so im confused kon sa shi hai

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