Minimally Invasive Gynecology Surgeon, Urogynecologist: J. Eric Jelovsek, MD

I’m Eric Jelovsek. I’m a physician in urogynecology or female
pelvic medicine reconstructive surgery. Most of the patients we
take care of are obviously are women who suffer from conditions
related to childbirth injury. Urinary incontinence,
fecal incontinence, prolapse. But I think you just have to take
a brief moment and sit down and understand what exactly it is that
a woman wants to get answered. Gonna make sure that she understands
sometimes some of the complex options and choices that they have. Most women who have these conditions,
it’s not something you talk about. It’s certainly not dinner
table conversation. So historically, they’ve been suffering
through it for a long period of time. And women, being the primary caretakers,
tend to take care of others around them before they sometimes
take care of themselves. So when we see them, they’ve often
experienced this for a number of years. And I think probably the most
gratifying aspect of helping them through these conditions is them
realizing that there can be very simple therapeutic options,
or simple surgical approaches, that we can use that they wish they
had done years before they’d come in. So we’ll often hear them say,
gosh, I can’t believe I waited so long to have this done. That’s the typical response.

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