Mobile robotic system Stamina

Stamina The production and manufacturing companies demand more and more transform ability Bin picking and kitting of parts during the assembly stages is a task with low automation levels due to the variability of the production and to the diversity of suppliers and parts Picking in the industry is a repetitive and tiresome task Workers in the factories are inclined to suffer from repetitive strain injuries that could be avoided Robots free up workers to take on more creative tasks Applied to the automotive industry the Stamina project offers to answer those ergonomics and competitiveness issues It aims at developing a fleet of autonomous and mobile industrial robots with different sensory, planning and physical capabilities The robotic system is composed of a polyarticulated robot with a three fingers gripper mounted on a mobile platform It is supervised by a specific fleet management system linked with the factory network Communication between components of the robots uses ROS industrial language The project develops autonomous navigation Applied researchers are focused on vision and prehensility The Stamina robotic system is user-friendly and easy to program Tests are occurring at a real automotive assembly workshop The full automation of such tasks will act as a cornerstone in the development of advanced mobile robotic manipulators capable of dealing with unstructured environments Such automation embodies the factory of the future and will open new possibilities for manufacturing small and medium sized enterprises The Stamina project is founded by by the seventh framework program of the European Union

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