[Mon Ster] || (Ark mobile) Attack something.

Hello, good brothers. Today we will have another attack. ok let’s go. I came to help you guys at this server. they gave me a Tapejan dinosaur, maybe they want me to fly birds (soak). Actually, I don’t really like this job. It’s too easy for me, I want something harder. but as a guest. Whatever they say, I’ll do it As you can see, my videos are very rarely when I fly birds (soak), most of them I give up to other players. but today I had to fly a bird (soak). no problem. I will do this job well. they say out but i know, i know what i need to do .. I’ll go out for a bit. ok, I’ll go back again. I will show them how effective flying a bird (soak) is. the work I do to empty the turret, it will significantly reduce the number of turrets fired at Quetaz. With only one turret running out of ammunition, we can extend Quetaz’s life by a few seconds. but the people in this tribe don’t realize it. and they kept telling me to return to the base. loll I don’t care about them too much, I’ll do what’s best for them, then I’ll leave. If I agree to help you. then when I am in your tribe. You don’t need to care or pay attention to me. I know I need to do the best for you. I hate people who talk a lot and complain. Tapejan, they gain very little stamina. It has only 1k of physical strength. too low. Flying birds we need 2k or more. ok. continue working. I’ve been flying birds for 3 turns and they haven’t come back yet. They talk a lot. lol. instead of standing there talking. or do as I do it would be much better. haha. Not worth the attention. He wants me to leave the volcano. What a funny saying. so fast out of stamina. Great. This gun has no ammunition. there was a 40-gun turret and a 980-gun turret, but it was set to shoot wild animals without concern. ok. continue. Quite a lot of guns are out of ammunition. soak (soak). I’m not good at English. It is difficult to tell them. but I understand a few simple sentences they say. I am too old for learning English. lolllll back to physical fitness. continue again. i am working and they are sitting (typing) vkl /. out of energy first physical recovery. This place looks safe. lag, I could not step down that position. Try this position. Damn, it’s stuck. I could not move it. is not. damned. I want them to fire the turret flying first. but could not speak. lol Oh, he seems to be disconnected. Fly close to help him. too late. it’s better to shoot the turret first. This is a sad story :)) There are no words to say to this young man :)) He continued to say I needed blood. loll I just need to call one of my members over here. Perhaps this attack will be a lot faster. But no, I respect the players I’m helping. “He was shot dead by the turret.” :))) No one flew the bird for me to shoot. so sad. I had to fly the bird in loneliness. You in this tribe say. I have lots of rockets in my body if I die, it will be a loss for them. haha, so does attacking any facility, we have to accept loss and sacrifice. Just like I like a girl. I’ll invite that girl to the movies, have dinner, then go on a picnic. after that everything will come and take over her body. But the men in this tribe are the opposite. They want to take over her body without wanting to lose anything. lolllll People call it “tien it hit doi hit lol thom”. translation: “delicious food takes money” I’ll fly a bird and get all the bullets in the center of the volcano. he told me to go back to Tapejan’s healing. lolll If you have a plan for this raid, then please follow it. don’t care about me I know I need to do what’s good for you. I’m not good at playing but I am aware of that. Most of them are running out of ammo. Only a turret left to shoot wild beasts. not bad. rear turret shot. Oh, he’s a bird. lol 🙂 ok. Turn around to get the equipment. Now go destroy some of the fun. I was not allowed to hold rockets during the beginning of the battle. Oh, free of metal armor. I’ll shoot the metal gate to see what’s inside. Oh, there’s nothing in this. hmm, I just want to know if there’s any equipment in them, they also want me to stop and not be allowed. It is a sad story. :)) They do not let me destroy. lol I have to play with this gun now. he saw me firing a turret and still asked what I was shooting. lol Oh, there was a friend who just died there. I asked him if he wanted to fly a bird. Oh, so happy he understands. :)) I went to the back of the gun to see if the turret was still there. damned. The mountain turret is shot down. after I die. They took all their equipment and didn’t want me to continue destroying it. I also left that server then. It’s a sad story, thanks for watching.

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  1. Easy if you want something harder don't stay in mega tribes.
    Play solo or duo
    Then attack big tribes
    It will be more fun to watch.

  2. HOLLY!! I am part of alpha in manta. Big fan of your work! Maybe next video you raid the tribe bossing you around jk haha.

  3. Lol holly Tôi hiểu 100% về bộ lạc mà tôi đã ở với họ từ lâu, họ luôn nghĩ rằng họ tốt hơn mọi người

  4. У меня вопрос я залетаю на тапе 15 к за с седлом на 30под пивом и совсеми штуками умираю за 30сек как он так

  5. Hey bro i have been watching ur channel im about to fight alpha tribe in unofficial server im wondering if u can help us if u can plz contact me by replying here i can offer u enough amount of beer dinos and so on anything u need im looking foward to play with u

  6. No lie ark mobile is getting boring. Players do the same strat and builds everytime I do the same too but I wish they would add more ways to build and raid. Like the vids😀

  7. Hola holy o monster me gusta su trabajo en ark a mi me gustaría jugar así pero me dispara una torreta y me saca xd

  8. Like i agree you are good at taking towers down but even if they gave you the job like you said you are just a guest when they said come back u shouldve gone back

  9. Holly that was our allies base we left lol no one was defending , your to good to waste your talent on this . They could of handle there raid by themselves cause we were gone . But hey I love your videos keep it up. Discord : Mrdreazy#9383

  10. I have a Question do you have Time to raid An Other Tribe on the server Hive? 🙂 if Yes Pls Text Me On YT ore On Discord:Sneip#6748

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