Morning Musume ’19 ‘Stamina Monster’ report (Fukumura, Haga, Kaga, Yokoyama) eng cc

What’s up with the current Morning Musume? They took the challenge performing at a rock festival, Morning Musume ’19 They’re aiming to be the strongest! Everyone watching Japan Countdown, good morning! We are Morning Musume ’19! It’s been 22 years since their debut The group that keep on evolving, Morning Musume ’19 This summer, they’ve performed at their biggest stage in history That is… It feels like.. my heart is bursting out You need to put it back in No matter how many people are there Let’s us all have fun! Let’s do our best!! At Japan’s largest rock festival ‘ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL’ At the biggest stage that can hold 70,000 people, the ‘GRASS STAGE’. This is a challenge to win over rock fans The whole venue were overwhelmed by them What is the secret behind their strength? Let’s check it! What’s up with current Morning Musume? They’re one of the idols that took the challenge in performing at a rock festival, Morning Musume ’19 They’re the strongest! Physical strength that surpass other idols? Morning Musume’s first appearance at ROCK IN JAPAN FES was back in 2018 In the heat of 30 degree, they performed non-stop for 40 minutes There were talk on the net about them having ‘limitless’ stamina while letting out such vocal STAMINA They had been dubbed as ‘stamina monster’ again this time This time they performed extra 10 minutes with a total of 50 minutes performance With barely any MC They performed from the start until the end non-stop, which shocked the rock fans There was no MC at all They danced non-stop I thought they might collapse They’re indeed a ‘stamina monster’ It is right (about Momusu being ‘stamina monster’) There is not much group with such physical strength I found out later on I heard that they had been practicing with heater on When I thought of that kind of practice, I felt so moved We cried after that right? We cried Showing such performance, they’ve rose up to being the ‘stamina monster’ How are the members feel about being named such thing? Of course we are very happy Because we are at a rock fes, there are a lot of people that do not know us We want them to listen to our songs That’s why we ditched the MC part We tried to fit in as many songs as we can Because of that, we decided to drink water in between of the songs Maybe because of that we’re called ‘stamina monster’ I’m happy that we’ve been recognized like that The fact that it is being recognized made me happy It felt like a motivation for us right? You’re right The adrenaline rush was so overwhelming We really put it out It was like human instinct It feels like we were doing everything that we can do as a human
Like going ‘Ahhhh!!!’ It felt like that the moment we finished performing Now is the best version! The masterpiece been passed over.It was not like that era (?golden era) Seeing they all danced, it was fun Seeing they all danced, it was so much funThey’ve been doing EDM songs for a while now We can enjoy them in a new way. I’m glad for thatThe current Momusu have their own style, as well as their oldies songs It felt familiar to me Morning Musume with members addition & graduation going on for the past 22 years With that kind of long career with sold out records before, current members accepted them Doing songs like ‘LOVE Machine’ & ‘Renai Revolution 21′ Even for those who do not know us, they mimic some of the dances with us Seeing that made me happy I feel so grateful toward our seniors With times, the music is also changing right? It felt like we are still the same Morning Musume The fact that we can covered that 20 years existence in 50 minutes made me really happy Instead of singing the old songs as they are, the arrangement also changes with time It made the songs felt fresh For people that do not know the current Momusu but knew the past Momusu For them, our seniors’ image are still strong We wonder how will we appeal to them We want them to think that current Momusu’s members are also cool I think we have to surpass our seniors We have been reflecting on that The golden era is coming over & over again by generation We asked the people that attended ROCK IN JAPAN FES Since when did you like Morning Musume? What kind of image Momusu have on stage?It was the time when Takahashi Ai-chan was in the group I like since when Sayashi Riho-chan was in the group I was able to like them one more timeIt was really nice seeing them again They’ve also included some songs from Platinum era as wellSeeing them doing the formation dance is great. It was my first time seeing it live. I thought they are really cool. They’re cute but also cool They have this image of cool & sexy But now they are both cute & cool The image that people like about them is all over the place This is because of the group’s long history, which brought out a lot of charateristics They even have names for those different period, one called the Golden era After that it was called the Platinum era as well as the Colorful era Their characteristic changes with the era But the time that we felt in love will be the golden era for us The group’s image are also changes with different era So, current Morning Musume is? I don’t think we have a name for current era yet Saying things like ‘I like the Platinum era’ I think some people like the Golden era as well If they say they like the current era the most, I will be so happy Even though we might be late bloomers, we will work hard for that Let’s have the members think about it Morning Musume ’19 is currently in what era (ki)? Yes yes! XXXXXXXX era (ki) That one is good! Let’s find out what the members said right after the CM It made me feel so happy It has been 22 years since their debut There are still no name for the current era So we have them think of one What do you think your era should be called as? Yes yes yes Fukumura Mizu(KI) Let’s go with that It has been decided Now, it is Fukumura Mizu(KI) era Yay! It has been decided For some reason, it has been decided like that What do you think of the new Fukumura Mizu(KI) era? Cute, cool & sexy. Current Momusu has everything!We just saw them for the first time They are super cute I can recommend themThey’re amazing right? They’re so coolThey all have their own characteristic It made me think idols are preciousSeeing them today made me think how cool they are. Like rock? I thought of that. It was a rock festival but they’ve captured the heart of the audiences What do you think about performing at the rock fes? We really want people to see us sing & dance to our songs It seems like it is a good place for us to go all out With that spirit, we went out there (?) With the change in era & members, they still have the spirit of Morning Musume. I’m from the 9th generation When I joined, leader at that time was Takahashi Ai-san from the 5th generation I learned from Takahashi Ai-san It is important to pass over what I’ve learnt So that the things to learn for the past 20 years won’t be gone I want to make it so that this group can be inherited to future gen So today, this girls had been recognized as the ‘stamina monster’ The group is aiming toward a golden era Let’s hear one last thing from them Not to lose to your seniors, what thing you cherish the most? Of course for me will be the love that I have. That one I won’t ever lose. The feeling of loving Morning Musume, even till now it is so big. For me it’s the spirit ‘DON!!” Out like that It accumulated It has been piling up until now, it is at the maximum size now Now, it is the biggest ever. I’m sure it will grow even larger I want it to keep on growing until then

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  1. Thank you!
    Im glad they recieved some attention… and Yokoyan is so talkative lol, she tries really hard to stand out, that's what MM needs, people that want to stand out and a variety push

  2. Thank you for this.

    By the way, if you ever want a script editor, I'd be glad to help. I'm a technical writer and editor in my day job, I have a basic understanding of Japanese, and I've worked on other translating and subtitling projects in the past.

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