Morning Yoga Workout ♥ Better Than The Gym | Strength & Stretch

hey guys were in Costa Rica at surf vista villas in Santa Teresa and i have a yoga sequence for u today which will is called sunrise surf yoga this yoga sequence is targeted for surfers or anyone that wants to work their shoulders, abs and their hamstrings also great way to start your day in the mornings so grab some water mat and lets go ok so starting in childs pose find your breath slowly come up to all fours inhale arch echale rounds one more time like that exhale bring the hands all the way to top puppy posture allowing the hips to stay over the knees letting the chest fall down bring elbows down come through into baby cobra allow the hips to come forward look up to the sky then lift the hips back up coming back into puppy pose letting chest come down extend right leg left arm hold here engage you abs exhale crunch inhale extend exhale crunch touch elbow to knee tuck left toes under lift to one legged dog bending right knee coming into plank touch your chest inhale reach exhale chest reach the leg up exhale bring it into chest exhale release high plank side plank modify by bending bottom knee then release left hand take push ups high plank exhale chaturanga upward dog inhale exhake downward dog come back down to childpose rounding up through spine other leg left leg right arm deep breath in exhale crunch inhale reach exhale crunch touch opposite elbow to knee release up to one legged dog bend the left knee exhale touch chest inhale extend the leg touch knee to chest inhale reach touch one to chest lower the leg round through to plank 4 pushups tuck up to plank chaturange upward dog downward dog come to plank other side plank other side right arm reaches up come back down chaturanga upward dog downward dog give it a good stretch come to plank then elbow plank hold lift to dolphin plank exhale drop lift hips then drop like a downward dog but on wlbows great exercise for shoulders and core hip dips to side one hip at a time to mat working the waistline hand hand elbow elbow using the strength of your upper body hold high plank chaturanga upward dog lift downward dog reach right leg up bend knee step forward to high lunge extend right leg exhale push inhale lunge exhale hold come back to lunge exhale high lunge palms together if u can opening to warrior 2 releases right hand down left arm up and over extended side angle reach right fingers to top of mat lengthen left side of body peaceful warrior keeping front knee bent back to warrior 2 extend right knee and turn the foot in slight pigeon toed in feet wide legged forward fold hand to mat or prop goal to get forwhyeadclose to floor you can reach hands to ankles breath in exhale slowly come up inhale arms up exhale turn foot out warrior 2 reach arms and step forward to tadasana inhale reach u[ exhale forward fold stay here add nodding of head you can go deeper by placing peace fingers over to big toes pull body close to knees inhale half up exhale step right foot back to plank oush ups upward dog doward dog reach left leg up bend knee step forward to top of mat exhale extend left knee inhale forward exhale push and extend inhale forward exhale extend left knee let your forehead come down inhale into lunge exhale extend the knee come back to high lunge find your balance reach arms up hold sinking down deep into leg open to warrior 2 coming over to extended side angle left fingers reaching for the mat fully lengthen right side come up to peaceful warrior come back to centre extended forward fold go deeper try bring hands through legs see if u can bring forehead closer to mat you can keep hands on block or floor to be easier clasp hands behind the back take hands forward and allow them to fall give shoulders a stretch round up arch the back reach arms warrior 2 big step reach up inhale exhale forwarx fold hold inhale half way ip exhale step back to plank 4 pushups chaturanga upwards dog doward dog stretch it out let heels sink into the floor come down to knees thread the needle opening right arm out thread the right arm through allow the left hand to reach forward get right shoulder to mat look towards top of mat switching sides arm opens and bring it through reach fingers forward get left shoulder down come back up walk to seated position reach arms up exhale bring knees together childs pose stay here for a moment breathe in exhalelet go round up to seated position rest hands on kness take moment to roll shoulders back inhale reach arms up exhale hands to your heart bowing down to heart thank yourself for this wonderful practice today allowing yourself to start your day in a greatway thanks so much!

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  1. A light, refreshing reminder to explore and move in an upward 'stance' physically while also embracing a higher mindset in day to day living. Thank you BohoB 😉

  2. This was simply amazing, thank you. I did this to start my day and now I feel refreshed and ready to start Monday on a good foot.

  3. I really love this video. It covers so much in a short time. Sometimes I only have 20 minutes and this video covers strength, and stretches, and relaxation. It is a good warm up or cool down too. Love love love!

  4. better than gym?! But its like a gym with the repetition movements. the real yôga do not have repetitions

  5. How come the title is is French? (even if it's wrong spelled for "La Gym" ;)). Thanks for nice courses & your smile Juliana! 🙂

  6. I love yoga and this really helped me a lot to get out all of my stress thank you so much I did all with the first try

  7. Can you please clear my doubt about yoga or Gym wch is better, currently i am doing both stretching my schedule alot and managing both for strengthening my body and mind, please help

  8. From behind we stretch, from the front we watch, from everywhere we imagine and admire the beautiful touch of your soft lotus flower in flight.

  9. I'll come back after 66 days and see if I could pull this off. From tommorow I'm starting with yoga for the very first time. I'm excited. Please support me. Thank you!~~

  10. "give it a good stretch"… yeah… that's my favourite quote from this vid. Though my knees would break like milion times before…

  11. Nice to meet you, I am a yoga instructor in Vietnam. I visited your home and gave you a full gift. Hope the same connection to your channel and my development.

  12. Trained at the gym the night before so my muscles were screaming in protest

    I finished it anyway (probably badly but I did it)

  13. This is only the third of Boho Beautiful's yoga videos I've done (starting three days ago) and I'm starting to feel more energy during the day already. I'm doing these to ease back into working out after pulling something in my back a few weeks ago. They're really helping. My neck still feels over-inflated, but my back is feeling a lot better and I think I can start adding weights back in two more days. :] Maybe I should incorporate more yoga in my routine when I want to punch weights, ha ha.

  14. please understand that streching is not yoga otherwise biggest yogies would be found in circus. yoga is a way to combine body and sole and not push ups and all what she is doing ( aur views dekh k koi bhi bata sakta h ki iske video me yoga kitno ne dekha).

  15. I have been practicing this video since 2017 and it's what got me started on this beautiful journey of yoga and mindfulness. Thank you boho beautiful! You are impacting lives in the most amazing way♥️

  16. I really like the video although I have to agree with some commenters that the breathing is a bit fast, especially for a morning routine. But the moves and sequence itself is great!

  17. It's a good workout it's quite easy. Maybe the music wasn't that loud cause I don't see anyone complaining but I personally think your voice is too small and I can barely hear your instructions. It's hard to keep looking at the screen while doing all these positions. I hope you can make your voice louder in the next video. Anyway thank you for this great workout!

  18. Your style is good for me.
    I need good teacher teach me at home alone.

  19. I love reading everyone’s comments and learning how far they’ve come since the first time they tried this flow. I definitely want to make it a challenge to do this every morning. Only 15 minutes but what a great way to start the day 😊

  20. The problem with watching her do yoga is it seems like it's only for females.
    Her breathless speech affectation doesn't help either.

  21. I love this flow. I am a 47 year old skatedoarder and tattoo artist. Getting older comes with aches and pains but this flow has helped me so much and has become a part of my daily routine. Thank you so much.

  22. I loved this so much! I do a yoga program online, but I don't always have access to it, and now I'm so glad I found your channel so I can do it whenever. Thank you! ❤❤❤

  23. I thought I was doing good at the start but dam not even a minute in and I feel like I just competed in a National State Gymnastic Event


  25. First time I tried this video was years ago and I couldn't imagine doing it first thing in the morning so I gave it up. My arms simply died at the beginning of it :D. Now that I have been working out more, I managed to do it even though not fully due to my lack of flexibility. I am thinking of taking this up every morning if possible. Thanks for the amazing flow!

  26. So I legitimately just clicked the vid cause the chick was attractive, but then I ended up with a really good solid workout. I didn’t even have a chance to check her out 😄. 10/10 would recommend

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