MRS1000 and LMS1000 Robustness | SICK AG

This video presents the MRS1000 3D LiDAR sensor
and the outstanding features that make it so robust. No matter what kind of weather occurs throughout
the day, the MRS1000 still measures reliably. The MRS1000 uses multilayer technology. The sensor uses four layers which enables it to
scan the environment in multiple dimensions up to a distance of 64 meters. More data on several planes in a three-dimensional
space results in high coverage and greater reliability. These layers are spread out across a vertical
opening angle of 7,5°. Thanks to the new HDDM+ technology, the scanner
is able to easily handle even undesirable echoes caused by fog, for example. Besides fog, the MRS1000 can also easily cope
with other environment influences. The MRS1000 reliably detects cars, even when
rain, spray or fences appear in the measuring area. The multilayer technology allows you to realize a wide variety of applications in all types of surroundings. Even under harsh environmental conditions
like in mining or agriculture, the MRS1000 works perfectly. The MRS1000 can ignore unwanted reflections
while the sensor still reliably detects objects and evaluates whether they are of harmful
size for the vehicle. The MRS1000 can on one hand output measurement data to identify objects and on the other it is possible to apply the advanced field
evaluation provided in the sensor. Aside from that, the MRS1000 has a proven dust- and water-proof housing ranging up to IP 67. Additionally, using an extra protective cover
for installation under harsh ambient conditions can make maintenance cycles less frequent. MRS1000 – Outdoor is our 4th Dimension

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