MSc Women’s and Children’s Health at Anglia Ruskin University

So the course is the Masters in Women’s
and Children’s Health, and we look at the global issues which affect women and
children from an international perspective, but also more locally as
well. So we have two core modules in the course. The first is global challenges
affecting women’s and children’s health. So we look in detail at certain issues
around women’s health including, for example, HIV, refugee women’s health. And then the second core module is political powers and policy drivers and in this
module that allows us to explore in much more detail how we can implement change and practice, and how policy affects the health of women and children. So the
course is aimed at anybody working in women’s and children’s health or with an
interest in women’s and children’s health in general. So that might include
nurses or midwives, children’s nurses or social workers or people from the
voluntary sector or education, charity workers. So women, when they are healthy, their communities thrive and their children will thrive. So it’s not enough
knowing what the issues are, it’s being able to go out there and impact and
influence change.

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