MuscleFit: the efficient, full-body strength training class

MuscleFit is a strength-based program that
we offer at the Y in a group fitness setting where members can lift some weight together. MuscleFit allows you to lift a smaller amount
of weight, but still work on developing strength and endurance, and you get a really good all-around
workout—full body. At the Y, we really value inclusiveness and
we strive to open our doors to everybody, and that includes our classes. A lot of people come in to the Y, and
are hesitant to work out as a group, but once they start, they realize that they’re not
only getting a workout, but they’re also making some friends. And they’re also boosting their confidence
because now they feel like they have a place; they’re having a good time together at the
Y, and that’s what group fitness is all about. The Y is rich in positive experiences for
staff, for volunteers, and for members.

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